Internet Speed Optmizer - The most efficient way to enhance Internet speed

Slow internet speed is an awful thing for any user as it consumes valuable time when opening webpages without achieving anything. If you are someone looking for an internet speed optimizer, then consider using the Remo More tool.

The Remo MORE tool can help you increase internet speed in different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. By using this software, you can optimize all types of networks, such as Modem connection, DSL, Wifi, Cable, T1, or Corporate LAN, etc. The software will allow you to select the network type that you want to optimize. After running this software, all your network settings will be optimized successfully.

Why is Remo MORE software preferred as an Internet speed optimizer?

  • Experience the faster browsing speed on any type of browser
  • Download large size files within a short duration
  • Send, receive and open emails quickly
  • Use any web application effectively without any disturbance
  • Play video files from YouTube or any other website without buffering

The Remo MORE tool is not only used to optimize internet speed on systems but can also be employed on Android phones. Sometimes, the internet speed becomes slow on Android phones due to junk files stored in the phone's memory. You can download and install this software on your phone, and it will help improve internet speed on various types of smartphones, such as Samsung, Sony, Micromax, etc.

Steps to optimize internet speed using Remo MORE software

Step 1: Run Remo MORE software and select “Enhance” option from the welcome window as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Select “Internet Speed Enhancer” and then click on “Optimize Speed” option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Select the network type to optimize and then click on “Optimize” option as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: Finally, you will get a message that “Your internet settings have been optimized successfully” as shown in Figure 4

Other Reliable Ways to Optimize Internet Speed

1. Do not use third party extensions: Sometimes the free tools will comes with browser extensions like free toolbars and add-on objects. Actually you do not need them but they will make your internet browser slow. So disable these extensions on your browser.

2. Remove junk entries: Your internet speed will get slow down due to junk files stored on Windows registry. One can remove all junk entries from Windows registry using a good and reliable registry cleaning tool. You can increase the internet speed by scanning Windows registry for errors and fixing them.

3. Clean browser cache: Large number of files stored on your disk including browser cache contents can occupy huge amount of space as well as reduces the internet performance. In order to speed up your internet, you need to clean all these files using a disk cleaner tool.

4. Disable the unneeded start-up programs: If there are many applications running in the background, then the system will not have the sufficient resources when you are browsing the websites. Therefore, to improve internet speed, do remember to disable all start-up programs from your computer.

These are few simple tips to improve internet speed on your computer. However, most of the users do not know how to do it and also it is a time consuming process. In order to perform all tasks instantly, to make your internet run faster, one can use free Remo MORE software. It is very easy to use and capable to clean all junk items from your computer.

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