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Recover files from iPod Nano

iPod Nano is one of the wonderful products of Apple Inc. The latest version of iPod Nano is a seventh generation media player and has the capability to play music and video files. You can also store photos in your iPod Nano. You may have spent weeks configuring your iPod Nano with your favorite pictures, audio and video files. What if suddenly you are not able to play anything or browse your favorite photos on your device? You must be wondering what actually happened? At times you may lose your precious files due to some software or hardware malfunction, virus attacks or incomplete synchronization. Similarly, you may accidentally delete some of the files, while browsing through your iPod Nano. Data loss is really uncontrollable, be it your mistake or not. But you have the option to go for good recovery software which can get you back all data that you have lost from your iPods. Remo Recover is the ultimate tool which can pull you out from such situations.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Media Edition

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) - Media Edition is the best choice when recovery of data lost from iPod Nano is concerned. As the name suggests, Media Edition can scan and recover deleted or missing audio, video and photo, i.e. media files of all formats. It uses the file signature search to effectively identify and recover all media file types like mp3, mp4, wav, avi, jpg, bmp etc. and that too within a couple of minutes. It can recover data, irrespective of how it was lost. Whether the files were deleted, formatted or lost due to iPod Nano crash, human error or improper handling of the iPod, this tool can retrieve everything from the storage space. It can recover media files from all the generations of iPod Nano starting from the first to the seventh generation.

Why use Remo Recover?

This tool is extremely fast and takes up very less system resources. The UI is kept so simple that it just takes a few mouse clicks, and the tool does all work on its own. This software doesn’t modify the original contents, so that there are no chances of the files getting further damaged or corrupt. The software displays these recovered files via file type view and data view. In case, you face any issues at any stage, you can always contact the free customer support, who will be willing to help you out. Moreover, Remo Recover lets you preview the recovered files before you actually save them, so that you can be sure that the correct files are being restored.

How to use Remo recover?

To recover media files from iPod Nano, download, install and run the software. Connect your iPod Nano to your PC via the iPod USB cable. First select “Recover Photos” and then choose either “Recover Lost Photos” or “Recover Deleted Photos” based on whether you deleted the pictures or lost them. Next select your iPod drive from the list. Then select the file type you want to recover and click on “Next” button. If you do not wish to select any specific file type, simply skip this step. The software scans the memory area of the iPod and recovers all the files. Finally select the file you want to recover from the list of recovered files and save it in any free storage space.

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