How to Kill Background Apps in Android

Today due to advancement of technology every technical platform is changing day by day. Consider an example of mobile phones which were in earlier days used only to dial or receive call. However nowadays due to Android a phone is used as a Smartphone. Android Smartphone is equipped with many advanced features and some of them are: you can browse internet, watch movies online, send and receive emails, capture images and videos of high quality, high-definition gaming, video conferencing and many more. Moreover Android has stretched from Smartphone to Android wrist watches, Android TV, Android Auto and other various devices. However, if you consider a normal Android Smartphone or a high end android Smartphone you may notice that; at times it may get hanged in middle, freezes and does not allow you to operate, suddenly gets switched off, abrupt termination of application and many such uncertainties.

The major reason behind this uncertainty in your Android Smartphone is because of scarcity in memory. Many users are excited to use many Android app on their Smartphone; however most of the apps that run on your Smartphone consume some of your memory which runs background. Its certain that a single user cannot use all the apps at a time thus it has to be killed or closed in order to release memory. To close background apps you can perform it manually or make use of third party tool to accomplish it.

How to manually kill background apps without using any apps?

Recent Application on your Android phone allows a user to quickly switch between different apps, however these recent apps consume some sought of memory in background. You can easily close these recent apps by swiping the recent apps by “long press on home button / multitasking button” depending on different models of Androids Smartphone

Uninstall programs that are not essential or that is not required any more. This can be accomplished by navigating to “Setting” and selecting “Apps” section, then select the apps that you want to uninstall (the application manger depends on various Android Smartphone models). However at the same place you can see another option called “Force Stop”, which will stop the process immediately

Every time navigating and closing all the background apps process can be hectic to beginner as well as experienced users. So making use of a third party app which can automatically observe all the background apps and terminate in just few clicks. This can be accomplished by making use of Remo MORE app, which can easily kill all unwanted background apps running in background. This app can be handy to kill as well as manage all the apps very easily.

Steps to kill background apps in your Android Smartphone using Remo MORE

  • Download and install Remo MORE app on your Android Smartphone
  • Launch the application and click on “Optimize” option as in Figure 1
  • From the next screen click on “Task Manager” as shown in Figure 2
  • Now select the background process and click on “Kill” option as in Figure 3
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