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Updated on January 20, 2020

Pen drives are not just limited to data transfer, they can also be used as a backup for crucial information. Thanks to the compact design and sturdy build quality, Kingston is a preferred brand in terms of pen drive. Unfortunately, regardless of their physical quality, Kingston pen drives are prone to data loss caused either due to human error or logical problems. Recovering data from Kingston pen drive is a complicated task without certain guidance. Hence, follow this article to know how to perform Kingston pen drive recovery.

Common Kingston Data Loss Scenarios on Kingston Pen Drive

Before proceeding to the pen drive recovery process it is better you get to know the reasons that cause data loss.

Accidental deletion: This might sound so obvious but, human errors are the reason for 75% of data loss. Fortunately, when you delete any data from any storage device, it is not permanently erased. Instead, the empty space is made ready to be overwritten with new data. That means if you are quick enough you can recover data stored on your Kingston pen drive intact.

Accidentally formatting: Similar to the deleting process, formatting will also erase the data but it will overwrite an existing file system with a new file system. Fortunately, the Kingston pen drive can be recovered by using a Kingston recovery software.

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are a cluster of unresponsive sectors on the pen drive and any data saved on them will be inaccessible. You can easily repair bad sectors by using chkdsk utility, which will scan Kingston pen drive for any kind of errors and repair them.

Raw Partitions: Most of the users remove the pen drive without ejecting, which causes an abrupt interruption in the ongoing process. This might corrupt the file system and result in a raw partition. Nevertheless, the only way for Kingston pen drive recovery is through a data recovery software.

If you have gone through the situations you might be clear that none of these situations actually erase the data, instead, it becomes inaccessible. Hence, go through the Kingston pen drive recovery process for recovering inaccessible data.

How to Perform Kingston Pen Drive Recovery

Download and install Remo Kingston pen drive data recovery software on your computer. Connect the Kingston pen drive to your computer and launch the software. Select Recover partition from the main screen. This will load Storage Devices and Volumes/Partitions available on the computer.

Locate and select the Kingston pen drive from storage devices and click on Scan button. Wait until the scan process is complete. After the scanning, software will display partition available on the pen drive. Select the partition and click on Scan again. After completion of the scan process, recovered data will be displayed on the screen.

Before progressing further a pop-up box will ask you to save the recovery session, save the recovery process to avoid rescanning. Mark or select the files you need to recover and click on save to complete recovering Kingston USB flash drive data.

What makes Remo Recover Highly Reviewed kingStone Pen Drive Recovery Software

Recovering data from Kingston flash drive is a complex process so, Remo Recover is designed with a self-explanatory user interface to guide you through step by step Kingston pen drive recovery process

Under a few complex data loss scenarios such as formatted partitions, a normal scan might not be enough to recover the data. Specifically, to counteract such situations, Remo Recover comes with a deep scan option that can perform sector level scan to locate file signatures and recover them intact.

Some times data recovered from bad sectors might be corrupted. Remo Recover facilitates you to create a disc image and later recover data to avoid any kind of corruption. Recovered data is classified into data view and file type to help you recover specific file type from Kingston pen drive.

Remo Recover is not just limited to recover data from Kingston pen drive but it is also compatible with all brands(SanDisk, WD, Seagate, Toshiba, etc) and form factors of storage devices (SD cards, HDD, SSD). It also works seamlessly with all file systems (NTFS, FAT, exFAT, FAT32, HFS, HFS+). It is available in both IOS and Windows editions.


In this article, you have learned the process of the Kingston pen drive recovery. Still, if you feel you have missed anything here is a quick review. There might be various reasons such as accidental deletion or raw partition that might cause data loss on Kingston pen drives. Fortunately, Kingston data recovery is an easy process if you have a tested data recovery software such as Remo Recover.

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