Perform Kingston SD Card Recovery in 5 Steps

Updated on November 22, 2019

Remo Recover can be used to efficiently recover lost or deleted media files from your Kingston SDHC or SDXC cards. This award-winning SD card recovery tool can recover more than 300 file types from your Kingston SD card.

Download Remo Recover now to preview the recoverable data from Kingston SD card for free.

Summary: Presented below is the information comprising steps to carry out Kingston SD card recovery regardless of the form factor (SDHC, SDXC and micro SD cards). The steps can be applied for recovery of formatted, deleted or lost data from Kingston memory cards using Remo Kingston SD card recovery tool.

Kingston SDHC cards are built with non-volatile memory components that have no moving parts, however they are still vulnerable to get damaged or broken. Micro SD cards are widely used in android smartphones, music players and camcorders.

Memory cards are known for carrying important docs, files and media files that can be transferred or received on the go. It is obvious that the SD cards are prone to corruption or malware due to frequent send and receive events. This may lead to inaccessibility or data loss from your Kingston SD card. Stick till the end of this write-up to know how you can perform Kingston SD card recovery and recover media files by using a reliable and robust SD card recovery tool.

Why Choose Remo Recover for Kingston SD Card recovery?

Remo Recover is built to adapt and recover files from your Kingston SD card regardless of the data loss situation. The award-winning software is well-known for its Deep Scan feature that can recover files from your SD card even if it was formatted or corrupted. Download now to get back your priceless memories from your Kingston SD card and preview them for free.

How to Recover Photos from Kingston SD Card?

Step 1: Connect your affected Kingston SD card to the computer. Then download, install and launch Remo Recover software.

Step 2: Click on Recover Photos from the main screen and select your affected Kingston SD card from the Drives/Partition section main screen of the software to perform Kingston SD card recovery.

Step 3: Click on Scan and the tool will st art recovering files from Kingston SD card. Please wait till the scanning process is complete software starts scanning and recovering data from Kingston sd card.

Step 4: Once the scanning is complete, the tool display’s recovered files that can be seen in File Type View or Data View viewing the recovered photos in file type view or data view.

Step 5: You can verify or evaluate the recovered photos, videos and files from your Kingston SD card just by double-clicking on them preview the recovered Kingston sd card's photos by double-clicking them..

Award-Winning Features of Remo Recover:

  • The Deep Scan feature performs an in-depth scanning that effectively scavenges data from the formatted or re-partitioned systems
  • The Save Recovery Session feature that lets you pause and start the Kingston SD card recovery process right from where you left
  • The Preview feature that allows you to evaluate the quality of the recovered media files from your Kingston SD card just by double-clicking on them
  • Recovering RAW photos and videos from a professional camera are some of the additional features of Remo Recover SD card recovery software

Having Trouble in Kingston SD Card Recovery Process?

With the help of this article, you might have got an idea and should have recovered files from Kingston SD card. However, if you happen to encounter any difficulties or confusions during the SD card recovery process, contact the technical support team.

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