LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire Drive Recovery

I have LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire Drive that can store data up to 1 TB. Whenever I plug it into my PC via USB cable instantly recognized as storage device but it does not show up as a drive in My Computer. Hence, I unable to access the files stored on that drive. Please anyone can suggest me how to retrieve data from it.

This is one of normal scenario and is been faced by many of the users who are using LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire drive. Due to this problem, many users also could not able to access their precious data stored on it. Now you do not have to worry about vital data because nowadays technology has been improved and provided a solution in the means of third party data recovery software. Remo Recover Windows application is specially designed to recover data from LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire drive in an efficient manner. This application is more competent to recover all types of data including audio, video, documents etc. In addition, it is provided with friendly user interface that enables you to operate application freely in recovering data.

Usually many users might use this Safe FireWire drive when they fall in shortage of space in their PC hard drive to store data or transfer huge data to their PC or vice versa. In addition, this FireWire drive provides more security to access data stored on it by providing finger swipe privileges. Due to this, advance features many users wish to use this safe FireWire drive to store their data.

How users lose their data from Safe FireWire drive?

Sometimes when you synchronize Safe FireWire drive with PC or laptop using USB cable, drive will not detect by PC or laptop. In such situation, you may disconnect drive without using safe remove option. If you do the action such as connecting and disconnecting drive frequently then drive will become inaccessible and results in loss of data stored on it. In addition, while transferring data from LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire drive to PC or laptop if you interrupt that data process by ejecting drive suddenly or shutting down machine suddenly then data is being transferring will get loss.

There are chances of losing data from LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire drive because of user mistakes. Consider you have stored huge amount of data in it. Therefore, you may struggle to find specific files from it. Hence, you decide to delete unwanted files but while deleting if you delete much-needed files instead of unwanted files then it results in loss of files. In addition, deleting files from drive thinking that deleted files will stores into Recycle Bin or Trash folder.

Have you lost data from LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire drive due to above mentioned reasons and wishing to get them back? If yes then do not worry. In such situation stop using your drive further and use this Remo Recover application, which efficiently recovers data from your LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire drive in couple of seconds. In addition, you can employ this tool when drive becomes inaccessible after bad sectors formed due to improper read/write process or due to frequent power surges during file transfer operation.

How to use Remo Recover tool?

  • Download demo version of the tool and install on your PC or laptop meanwhile connect your LaCie Rugged Safe FireWire drive.
  • Launch the application, main screen appears that includes three major options. In that select Recover Drives option and proceed to next steps.
  • Now select either Partition/Volume Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option and choose appropriate drive from the list and click on Next button to initialize scanning and recovery process.
  • Once recovery process completed, tool enables you to preview recovered data in File Type View or Data View format.
  • Finally, if you are satisfied with obtained results then buy full version to save those recovered data to any storage devices.

More with Remo Recover: Click on the given link if you want to perform LaCie Porsche Design Desktop hard drive recovery effortlessly.

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