Laptop Battery Drains Faster

2 weeks until now my laptop battery has drained so fast (maximum 30min). What’s wrong with my laptop even when I'm not doing anything special that does require power from it, my laptop battery is dead! I use Windows 7 ultimate. Any solution for this issue? I simply cannot find a perfect answer.

Every now and then there are many newer versions of laptops designed with high end robust features have been introduced, but the battery draining issue is still unsolved. Even though the laptop manufacturers promise to provide enhanced battery life, it’s never fulfilled. There's nothing you can do to stop your battery drain, however you can tryout some tricks to slow down the battery’s inevitable draining.

At times, when your laptop battery drains frequently within few hours after charging it completely then you probably might think of replacing the battery. That would just provide a temporary solution and the same problem persist after few days. Instead try to find a permanent solution to fix this laptop battery drain faster issue.

You might find some tips and tricks like disabling the Wi-Fi, reducing the screen brightness, uninstalling the unwanted programs and many others. But, these have to be done on a regular basis and is a time consuming process. In this automated world, who has time to perform all these tips? Thus, there is a need for an instant solution to enhance your laptop battery life with just few simple clicks.

So now what’s the way out?

Stay Calm!! Remo MORE is an ultimate solution that could fix your laptop battery which drains faster and needs to be charged frequently. The tool is completely automatic and provides instant solution with its enhanced features to boost the battery life of your Android. It is equipped with brilliant algorithms that ensure the proper power management on your laptop and monitors the battery usage. Moreover, the GUI of the software is so simple that even the users with the less technical knowledge can effortlessly use this tool.

While Remo MORE is installed on your laptops neither have to minimize the screen brightness nor disable your Wi-Fi or any other features. You can enjoy the complete features of your laptop without compromising on the laptop battery life instead it will be enhanced. Remo MORE helps you to create custom power plans for your laptop, which you can schedule easily as per your requirement. With this Remo MORE offers a complete battery power management solution and increases the laptop battery life drastically.

In addition, it has an excellent and eye-catching user interface that helps you to use the tool easily with just simple mouse clicks. Moreover the tool is made available free hence without any second thought you can simply manage your power usage on your laptops.

Guidelines to use Remo MORE

I: Download the Remo MORE tool on your laptop and install it

II: As soon as you launch the tool, just select the “Manage” option as in Image1

III: Then, from the consecutive screen hit the “Power Manager” as in Image2

IV: After this select “Create Power Plan” option as given in Image3

V: Provide the required details to create the Power Plan and then seclude it as required refer Image4

VI: Once scheduling process is completed a window stating device ready as in image5 appears Image5

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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