Defrag Laptop Hard Drive

Best and Easiest Solution to Defrag your Laptop Drive

Over time, you might create new files and delete old files on your laptop drives. However, when you create new files or edit the files, your drive will not store it in a contiguous manner rather it splits your file into fragments and stores them at various parts of your drive memory. Hence, when you try to access the file; these fragments will have to fetched, arranged accordingly and then the file will be made accessible to you. As and when new files are created, modified or deleted, your laptop drive moves many different-sized files. This normal usage of your computer will leave fragments of files separated and disorganized.

Due to this, your laptop drives becomes slow. To avoid such situations you will have to defragment your laptop hard drive. To do this Microsoft offers a default tool called Disk Defragmenter tool. Follow the below mentioned steps use the utility:

  1. Go to Start and type “Disk Defragmenter” in the search field,
  2. After the search hard drive will in the result you will find it, click on it to run the tool
  3. If you wish to modify or create a defragmentation schedule, you may do so by clicking the Modify Schedule or Configure schedule button. As per the scheduled time, the laptop drive will be defragmented automatically
  4. If in case you want to defrag it manually then just click on “Defragment Disk” option

Now your laptop drive will be defragmented in just few minutes. However, this is a default tool and doesn’t assure complete defragmentation. Moreover, it’s a very slow process and eats up your precious time. Instead you can make use of the Remo Drive Defrag utility that can effortlessly and precisely perform the laptop drive defrag with high success rate and that too securely.

Get more details about Remo Drive Defrag

Remo Drive Defrag is a brilliant utility that could defrag your entire laptop drive effortlessly with high accuracy. It consolidates all the fragmented files and then rearranges them into continuous storage spaces successfully. As a result, your laptop drive operates faster and more efficiently. This entire process takes just few minutes. Some excellent features of Remo Drive Defrag are:

  • Allows you to perform the defragmentation of only the selected files if needed
  • After defragmentation, the tool analysis the hard drive to offer you the clear idea about your hard drive memory
  • Supports defragmentation of any type of hard drive like SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.
  • Can be effectively used on any laptop brands like HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Sony, and  many others
  • Compatible with all version of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 etc.

More Info: Click on the provided link if you want to defrag external hard drive of any brand.

Advantages of using Remo Drive Defrag

Remo Drive Defrag is packed with many useful and user-friendly features. Its GUI supports comfortable and smooth defragmentation without any disturbances or interruptions. Below listed are few features offered by Remo Drive Defrag:

  • Provides in-built Scheduler to schedule the defragmentation process to occur automatically as per the scheduled time
  • Boosts your laptop drive performance by 100% and frees up unused space
  • It is a safe tool and is free from all kinds of threats
  • Ensures complete data security and increases your laptop booting speed

Procedure to perform the defragmentation

In order to defrag your laptop hard drives just download the Remo drive Defrag utility and install it on your laptop. First launch he tool by double clicking on the desktop icon. Then proceed with the below explained steps:

  • As soon as you launch the tool, select the drive to e defragmented and hit “Analyze” (Figure 1)
  • The utility starts analyzing, after completion just select “Next” to view the report as in and then again press "Next" to proceed
  • You will receive a screen with two options, select “Deep Defragmentation mode” since you want to defrag the entire laptop drive refer Figure 3
  • Now the software starts defragmentation process after completion just hit “Next”
  • This will initiate the drive analysis and once it is done just select “Next”  
  • Once you get the report have a look at it and click on “Finish”

Points to Remember:

  • Before starting the defragmentation, take complete backup of your laptop data
  • While defragmentation is being done, do not use your PC
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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