Why my laptop is running slow?

Being a laptop user you might have observed that sometimes it starts working slow. This is really a frustrating situation when you are working on an important project and your laptop starts performing slow. And day to day many people find that they are unable to do anything with such slow laptop. There could be many reasons behind the slow performance of your laptop. But, you can easily resolve all by using Remo MORE within a fraction of seconds.

Why laptop starts working slow?

The following are some most common reasons which slow down the performance of laptops

  • Memory leak: Memory leak greatly affects the performance of your laptop. This situation arises in laptop when a program incorrectly manages the memory of hard drive. This is because of bug and it prevents programs to release the memory occupied by it even it is not running.
  • Incompatible drivers: If you laptop is having outdated drivers which are not compatible with your hardware then it starts working very slow and performance of laptop goes down.
  • Bad sectors on hard drive: Bad sectors are sectors on hard drive which have been damaged and it is impossible to access the data stored on those sectors. Thus these sectors creates problem while disk data is being read and results in slow performance.
  • Too many ads on and browser extension: If you are using internet on your laptop for browsing purpose then there are chances that too many ads on and browser toolbar gets downloaded automatically and makes your browser work slow.

What to do to make your laptop run faster?

  • Turn off visual effects: When your computer starts woking slow then it is best practice to turn off all the visual affects you have turned on for nice appearance of your laptop. It gives you a nice appearance at the cost of performance of your laptop.
  • Try to run fewer programs at the same time: Run only those at the same time which are required and close all those applications which are running unnecessary and decreasing the speed of your computer.
  • Perform defragmentation of your hard drive: Fragmentation increase the task of hard drive and slow down the speed of your laptop. If you perform the defragmentation operation of your hard drive it rearranges the data cluttered across the hard drive make your computer work faster by decreasing access time of data.

In spite of all the above tips and tricks your laptop speed does not increases then go for Remo MORE software which is designed with the aim to detects all the issues which are hurdle for a laptop’s performances. It scans the entire hard drive and generates a detailed report of the issues causing the slow performance of your system. MORE suite provides one click maintenance feature which can solve the entire problems in just a matter of seconds. By using the setting option of Remo MORE tool you can schedule it to run periodically on your system and notify you with the issue related to your system. It is completely free and easy to use. It is capable to delete all type of junk data from your laptop including registry error, file extensions errors, PC history, cache, cookies and many others. Remo MORE generates a detailed report of all the issues present in your laptop making it work slowly and it also gives you a detailed report of warnings that may affect your system’s performance in future.

How to improve the start up speed of laptop using Remo MORE:

  1. Download and install the Remo MORE utility on your system and launch it. From the main screen select the “Enhance” option. Then choose “Start-up Speed Enhancer” from this screen as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Select "Start" option from this screen of Remo MORE to start scanning process on your laptop hard drive as shown in Figure 2.
  3. MORE suite will show you list of programs that are being run in the background without serving any need and slowing the speed of your laptop. Select the programs which you want and click on disable as shown in Figure 3.
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