Lock Video File Mac

Are you newly using Mac system? Don’t you know how to lock videos files from prying eyes on your Mac system? Don’t worry; read this descriptive and learn step by step procedure to lock your official or personal videos from snooping eyes.

  • Initially create a New Folder and place the videos files in it which you would like lock them
  • Next, right click on the folder, choose “Get Info”, and make a note of the size of its contents
  • Now open Disk Utility; Go to (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility)
  • After opening it, click the "New Image" icon to create a new disk image. Next give a name for image, and choose a size sufficient for the memory for folder you created in Step 2
  • Next, select either the 128 or 256 bit encryption method to lock files and set the Partitions to "Single Partition - Apple Partition Map" and choose the Format to "read/write disk image." Finally, click the "Create" option
  • Now select a protected password to enter it into the boxes given. Next, uncheck the "Remember password and click Ok button
  • Move the contents of the folder from Step 2 into the newly mounted disk image
  • Each consequent attempt at opening or accessing the disk image will cause a prompt for the password.

By following above-mentioned steps one can lock any files including video, audio, pictures, documents, etc on Mac system. However, if you forgot the password you set for disk image then you cannot retrieve and data will get loss. Besides, this process is very lengthy and novice users feel difficult to do it. In such situation, it is best to get assistance from third party application that involves automated process.

Remo MORE is one the best, safe, and secure app to lock any video files of any size on Mac system. However, it is very user-friendly nature thus it complete files locking process in simple steps. Besides, you can lock video files with password protected. Hence, user can easily and safely lock any types o files on Mac system with the use of this app.

Why should I choose this Remo MORE app only?

  • Freely available app
  • Supports multiplatform such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Completely free from any type of threats
  • Installation and locking process is simple
  • Easily password recoverable

Steps involved in locking video files using Remo MORE

  • Download the Remo MORE app and launch on it on your Mac system successfully
  • Choose “Manage” option from main screen and then Click on “File Manager” as given in Figure 1
  • In next screen select “File Protector” option as given inFigure 2
  • Now click on “File / Folder Locker” option as given in  Figure 3and then set the Master password to lock video files as given in Figure 4
  • Browse and locate all the video files that you wish to lock by clicking on “Add Files” option as given in Figure 5.
  • Finally, click on “Lock” option to complete the process successfully

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