Logical drive failure recovery

How to recover failed logical drive?

A logical drive is a partition in a physical drive that is made to isolate different kind of files from each other like system files from the user’s data. Each partition contains a huge amount of data, so any kind of failure is not bearable or affordable. But there are several reasons due to which your logical drive might fail, leading to loss of large amount of data. They are accidental deletion of some critical system files, unintentional formatting of a drive, corruption caused by improper system shutdown or software conflicts, or logical drive failure due to serious virus infection that has been introduced in the system through internet or some faulty software. The data lost in such situations are said to be permanently erased. But the truth is that only the pointers are removed not the original file.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) – Pro Edition

Remo Recover - Pro helps in recovering data from a corrupted, failed or formatted logical drive. It has strong built-in scanning algorithms using which the data recovery can be done within few minutes. The tool’s user interface is very intuitive & can be even operated by a computer novice. The user just have to follow the on-screen instructions. Along with internal hard drives like SATA, IDE & ATA, the software is capable to retrieve data from failed logical drives of external hard drives also. The supported external hard drive brands are SanDisk, Buffalo, Western Digital, Seagate & many other latest brands.

Remo Recover – Pro can be used in both Windows & Mac operating systems supporting all their latest versions. The 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems formatted with FAT, NTFS, HFSX & HFS+ are perfectly compatible with this utility. The tool supports data restoration of about 300 file types that includes categories like documents, media files, compressed files, application files, etc. It also supports recovery of encrypted files.

Why Remo Recover – Pro?

Using Remo Recover – Pro you can perform full recovery as well as customized recovery using signature search option. This option allows you to select & search for only those file formats that you want to. Although Remo Recover – Pro supports almost all file formats, still if the format you want to recover is not listed, then you can make use of “Add / Edit Signature” option of the tool & induce the new extension. The recovered data displayed after scanning can be viewed in different ways like Data View & File Type View. You can also make use “Find Tool” to search a particular file from the list of recovered files. This list can even be sorted according to their name, signature or file size.

How Remo Recover performs logical drive failure recovery?

This tutorial on Macbook Pro logical disk failure explains how to recover data after hdd crashes or failures. However, it is always in your best interest to keep multiple copy of stored data before something goes wrong.

Download & install the tool & launch it. You will get the welcome screen of the software from which you have to select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option. Choose “Partition Recovery” option from the next screen. Now select the failed partition from the list of logical & physical drives identified by the tool & click the “Next” button. The scanning process will start. Now the tool will display a list of recovered files from the failed partition. You can preview the files to confirm that the files are recovered properly or not. If you are satisfied with the results then purchase the full version to save them to a desired destination.

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