Recover Lost Data from Mac OS X

Will I be able to recover my Mac data?

“I lost my valuable data from my Mac OS X. When I was working on my Mac Leopard, I emptied my Trash containing my vital files. I had deleted them, 2 days back thinking them as unwanted, after which I realized the importance of those files. Now I found them in Trash, but in excitement I pressed the “Empty Trash” tab, instead of hitting the “Restore Trash items”. Thus, I lost them even from Trash. Can anyone help me, I need them urgently.” This is the common scenario most of the Mac users are facing. You might lose your Mac data just because of your mistake or even due to some unknown reasons. Losing data is really a very distressing situation and is more than losing your wallet. But, in some cases it becomes unavoidable. Don’t panic, you can easily recover your entire lost data from your Mac OS. Remo Recover is the most effective software that can effortlessly perform your lost data recovery on Mac OS X and get your entire lost files back.

Note: Once you lose your data, immediately stop using the system or any device from which you lost your data. this may lead to data over writing, which makes your data irrecoverable.

Remo Recover (Mac) features:

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a robust tool that can recover your lost data within minutes from your Mac machines. One can also make use of this tool to restore data from Mac hard drive which might have formatted several times. It just scans the entire hard drive several times that too sector-by-sector to find your lost data and restores them. Also, it can be used on both HFS + / HFS X formatted Volumes of Mac. Even, when your time machine fails, the tool helps to recover data from time machine after failure in few seconds. Data might be of any type like text, videos, images or any other generic or media file, this tool can effortlessly retrieve all of them from your Mac.

Also, you can use this utility for recovering your data from many other storage devices like pen drives, memory sticks, external hard drives, flash memory cards, iPods, fire wire drives and many other storage devices. Even, works extraordinary even on crashed hard drives of your Mac to retrieve every bit of your lost data. It is also compatible with all various versions of Mac OS such as Mac leopard, snow Leopard, Lion, and many other versions.

Some of the circumstances for data loss:

  • Formatting: Many a times, while formatting your Mac Volume, you may forget to take the data backup Or might have to format the Volume forcefully, due to some errors.
  • Volume fail to mount: Volume mounting is important for maintaining your data and accessing them. There may arise some situations where your Volume refuses to mount due to corrupt system files. As a result of this your data stored on your Mac OS will become inaccessible.
  • Journal corruption: Corruption in the journal file on which updates to directories and files are written in order to recover data in case of a system crash will also leads to data loss.
  • Catalog file is corrupt: Catalog file is the one which stores all the details of your files contained in your Mac Volumes. If this file gets corrupt by any reason, then your OS will not be able to identify and access your files, thus causing data loss.
  • Other reasons: Deletion of the files, hard drive crash, errors while partitioning or re-installing the OS etc. are some of the other reasons

Guide to use Remo Recover for Retrieveing Data from Mac OS

Step 1: Download the Remo Recover Mac software and install it on your Mac machines

Step 2: Launch the tool and choose “Recover Volumes / Drives” option from the main screen like Figure 1

Step 3: Based on the loss scenario, select an appropriate option from the next screen as shown in Figure 2

Step 4: Now the list of all available drives will be displayed as in Figure 3, select the appropriate Volume for recovery

Step 5: Then, software starts scanning the Volume, after which you can see your recovered files in a Mac Finder Styled View refer Figure 4

Step 6: Preview each file and select only the needed ones for saving

Step 7: Save all the selected files on any location of your choice including CDs / DVDs

Important Note: Do not save the recovered files on the same Volume from where your recovered the files.

Why to prefer Remo Recover (Mac)?

Remo Data Recovery tool for Mac is the most preferred recovery tool, because of its unique features. Remo has its own characteristics that facilitate easy and comfortable restoration process. Its GUI is designed in such a way that it can be used even by the people with no prior product knowledge. Remo Recover allows you to preview your files even before purchasing the software that is using the trial version itself, which is available for free. If you are satisfied by the results you can purchase the software. Also, you can save the recovered files even in a compressed ZIP format depending on the available storage capacity.

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