Recover Lost Images from Olympus 1GB XD Card

Your passion for photography makes you very choosy about digital camera accessories. And that is why you chose an Olympus 1GB XD card for your digital camera. The photos you have clicked speak for your passion. Applying different features of your camera, you have even mastered the art of making the snaps attractive and rich. And that's precisely why everyone trusts your skills and so would want you to click their special moments. Now imagine a situation: You are transferring some special shots of those images onto your laptop. You are so lost watching those photos that you accidentally click the eject button. When you insert your card into the port of your laptop you are in for a rude shock. You have lost all your jpeg and RAW files to improper ejection of the XD card. Your agony will be never ending, till you know there is a solution in hand. Recovery software can help you recover images.

You feel comfortable using Olympus 1GB XD card because of its unmatched features. The 1GB memory storage is ultra-compact and can store loads of photos. It has wonderful memory capacity. In future the memory capacity can be increased. It is durable. This serves to get the best digital images. It can save high resolution images without affecting its quality.

Your images from your XD card can be recovered by Remo Recover (Windows) Media Edition. Download and install the recovery software. Follow a few steps to recover your lost images. Run the software and select the Recover Files option. The software uses a highly advanced scanning algorithm to scan for the lost images. Select the storage drive of the XD card and click Scan. The scanning process gets started. After the scan, you can preview and restore the files which you want. Your files will be restored in the destination specified.

Why Choose Remo?