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Recover Lost, Missing, Or Deleted Partition from Windows 10

Remo Recover Windows is a one stop solution to recover an inaccessible partition i.e. a lost, missing or an accidentally deleted windows partition is quickly detected and recovered in a safe and secure method. This software is compatible with FAT, NTFS and exFAT file systems.

Are you trying to recover a missing Windows 10 partition lost due to any one of the following scenarios?

  • Existing partition is lost due to improper Windows 10 upgrade
  • Not able to boot your system due to missing partition error caused by corrupt Master Boot Record
  • While creating a new partition or trying to shrink an existing partition, you may have mistakenly deleted an existing partition

Below are the recommended partition recovery techniques specific to each type of scenario mentioned in the above section.

One of the techniques also explains about the capability and features of free trial hard drive recovery software to recover your lost, missing or recover deleted partition Windows 10 without important data loss

Different methods to recover an inaccessible partition:

Scenario 1: When you upgrade old version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10, there is a risk of losing an existing partition in Windows 10. This happens due to partial upgrade or improper Windows installation. In such cases you find that partition as an unallocated space. But your data is not lost forever.

Recommended Recovery Solution:

Use Disk Management to retrieve Lost Partition after Windows 10 upgrade

  • Open Disk Management
  • Right click on Unallocated partition and Select Change drive letter and paths
  • Open Add Drive Letter or Path window
  • Select Assign the following drive letter to choose the drive letter for the unallocated partition
  • Now restart your computer and check if the inaccessible partition is detected in file explorer.

Scenario 2: Master Boot Record overwritten by any program or virus infected boot partition are the major causes of corruption in Master Boot Record. “The drive where Windows is installed is locked” error prevents your system from booting up windows. This results in missing partition in Windows 10

Recommended Recovery Solution:

Easy procedure to repair corrupt Master Boot Record and recover missing partition

  • Use a Windows 10 Operating System DVD or USB drive to boot your computer
  • Choose Troubleshoot->Advanced options->Command Prompt from Windows 10 system recovery
  • Use the following commands in sequence to fix corrupt Master Boot Record BOOTREC /SCANOS, BOOTREC /FIXMBR, BOOTREC /FIXBOOT, BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD
  • Now restart your computer and check the inaccessible partition is detected in file explorer

Scenario 3: When you try to create a new partition or shrink an existing partition, you might end up deleting the existing Windows 10 partition by mistake. Do not create new partition or overwrite data in existing partition, this leads to permanent data loss in deleted partition.

Recommended Recovery Solution:

Features of Remo Recover Windows 10:

7 proven steps to recover deleted partition windows 10

  • Step 1: Launch Remo Recover tool -> Recover Partitions option to recover lost or deleted partition.
  • remo recover home screen
  • Step 2: Next, select the desired drive from the list of displayed disks.
  • Step 3: Remo Recover scans for all Lost/Deleted partitions. Choose the deleted partition to recover data from it and hit Scan.
  • remo recover screen 1
  • Step 4: View all files from selected Lost/Deleted Partition in Data View or File View. If you want to view a particular file use Preview option.
  • remo recover screen 2
  • Step 5: Select the desired files to recover and choose a disk location to save the restored files.

  • remo recover screen 3

You can make use of Save Recovery Session to save and Open Recovery Session to resume the recovery previous session before purchasing the software.

Note: Disk location should not be the same as Lost / Deleted disk in order to avoid overwriting of partition data.

Now you have successfully recovered your files from the mistakenly deleted partition. Recovered files are saved in the disk location mentioned by you in Step 7.

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Safe and Secure
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