Recover lost jpeg photos from Kodak EASYSHARE Camera

If you are an imaginative photographer, your camera can be your best companion. Kodak EASYSHARE Camera / Z5010 has numerous attractive features to match your imagination. You never get tired clicking pictures out of it. Most of the time, you will be fiddling with your camera to edit the pictures to make your shots more creative. Recently you had been to the forest to try your hand in real wild life photography. You were waiting for this since a long time and prepare yourself well in advance. You take some great shots and are raring to show it off. While transferring the images to your laptop your camera switches off due to some software malfunction. You end up losing your wild life shots. This doesn’t mean you have to go back to the jungles to get your photos. You can recover your lost jpeg files using data recovery software.

Your Kodak EASYSHARE Camera / Z5010 is your awaited brand in your hands for the best pictures. It has intelligent image processing, capture control and scene detection. Scene modes like portrait, panorama, backlight, etc. effects make it possible to take rich photographs. You can record your videos in HD with on camera editing. You can convert your video into 9 continuous stills. It allows you to share your pictures on your social networking sites. Press share in review mode of camera, choose where you want to share and connect to the computer, the photos will be shared automatically. The device allows to tag 20 people in the photos.

Recover your precious edited photo files edited out of your camera by following few easy steps. Buy Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) Media Edition and run. Connect the camera to your computer where the software is installed. The lost files are located by the software with the help of scanning algorithm used in it. You need to give the right drive of your camera’s memory card to be scanned. Once the files are located, you can preview those jpeg files. Then recover at the particular location of your wish.


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