Recover Lost RAW Files after DNG Conversion

How To Retrieve Missing RAW Files after DNG Conversion

Lost your RAW image files after DNG conversion? Then, use Remo Photo Recovery tool to get back the lost RAW files. Download the trial version here that recovers all the RAW images and avails free preview of the recovered files before purchasing the tool. Download now!!!

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You can use a number of tools like Lightroom or Adobe DNG converter to convert RAW files to DNG. During the conversion process, you can set your preferences. One of those options is to ‘Delete original files after conversion’. If this is enabled, you will find that the original RAW files no longer exist after conversion.

After all the whole point of converting RAW files to compressed DNG is to save space. So there is no point in keeping both the files. It is only valid to have this option enabled.

A wise thing to do is only convert those images of which you have multiple copies or the pictures you don’t mind having in JPEG. This way the image has the benefit of quality and creative freedom almost equal to RAW and size of a JPEG. To be on a safe side, don’t convert the images for which you may need a RAW version later.

If accidentally, you have converted an unintended set of images to compressed DNG. What happens in such situations, if that ‘Delete original files after conversion’ was enabled?

You lose your RAW images unless you have a backup elsewhere. If you are professional photographer or a photography geek you know how valuable these images are and you sure don’t want to lose them.

Is it possible to get back your original RAW files?

Yes it is possible to recover your original RAW files with the help of data recovery solutions. Remo Digital Media Recovery Software provides a media recovery tool to support recovery of DNG files. A good thing about using this software is that it uses a read only feature to recover, so you will find no difference between the recovered and original files.

In addition to DNG files, the software also supports RAW files from other manufacturers like CR2, CRW, NEF and standard formats such as JPEG, BMP etc.

The software also supports the recovery of other media files such as audio and video. Some of the supported formats of audio are MP3 and MP4. With videos, MP4, MOV, AVI file recovery is supported.

The software is compatible with all storage devices as well like external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, iPods, etc.

Simple steps to recover lost RAW Files after DNG Conversion using Remo Software:

Using the software is not as complicated as it may seem. It is designed with utmost care to make data recovery easy for non-technical users as well. All you have to do is download the software and follow the instructions step by step.

If you wish to recover data from an SD card or other removable storage device, connect it to the system that has Remo Software installed and keep it ready.

Step 1: From the home screen, select Recover Photos

Step 2: You will be given 2 options – Recover Deleted Photos and Recover Lost Photos. Select the appropriate one based on your situation

Step 3: Select the drive from which data recovery needs to be performed

Step 4: You can optionally select the specific file type you wish to recover. In this case, it would be DNG

Step 5: The software scans the drive thoroughly and displays a list of files

Step 6: You can then save the recovered files

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