Recover Lost RAW Images After DNG Conversion

There are several benefits when Raw images are converted to DNG files. But there is a vacuum in these processes where you can lose your shots while doing so, Incase if you are one among those users who lost raw files after DNG conversion Then You can download Remo software to retrieve images after DNG conversion.

The tool is simple and easy to use, Download now and witness its efficiency yourself.

Written by John Harris / Updated on August 05, 2023

Why convert RAW to DNG format?

Converting the RAW images to DNG will help in minimizing the size of the proprietary RAW images caught on various cameras. Therefore, it helps in reducing the space occupied on the storage drive. Also, DNG files are widely compatible, making it a lot easier to open and edit the images across different applications. Due to this reason, many photographers convert the RAW image to DNG format

Why did I lose RAW files after DNG conversion?

While using applications such as Lightroom or Adobe DNG convertor, there is an option to “Delete originals after successful conversion”. Once enabled, this option will delete the RAW images after DNG conversion. This could be the main reason why you have lost RAW file after DNG conversion.
Therefore, as a professional photographer, you need to have a backup of the original RAW files. This will give you the opportunity to retrieve the original RAW file. If not, it is quite difficult to recover lost RAW images after DNG conversion.

Can I Recover Lost RAW Images After DNG Conversion?

Yes, it is possible to recover lost RAW images after DNG conversion. When you find the RAW files deleted, you can easily restore them from the Recycle Bin or Trash.
You can also count on the adobe Lightroom to recover the images, as the application takes a backup. However, the backups taken by the application will only recover the thumbnail images but not the original RAW images.

The drawback with this recovery is that it only recovers the deleted JPEG files and not the original RAW format.
However, another means of recovering the RAW file is by downloading from a backup. If you don’t have any backup, the only way to recover DNG files, RAW files, or any other images of different formats is by using a trusted digital media recovery software.

How to Recover Lost RAW Images After DNG Conversion?

Remo Recover is powerful recovery software that recovers lost RAW images after DNG conversion. Integrated with the advanced deep scan engine, the tool scans the storage drive sector by sector and retrieves lost RAW images safely.

In addition to RAW files, you can recover a variety of image file formats including WMF, PNG, NEF, GIF, and more. This tool can perform photo recovery on GoPro and a range of varous devices, as well as storage devices such as SD cards, CF cards, USB flash drives, hard drives, SSDs, and even severe cases like formatting and corruption.

You can also recover the lost images edited in Lightroom with all the changes intact. This can help you save a lot of time in re-editing the photos.

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5 Steps to Recover Lost Images After DNG Conversion Using Remo Recover

Step 1: Download and Install Remo Recover on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the software and select the drive in which the RAW Image files were stored and click on Scan to begin the file recovery process.

NOTE📌: Unable to locate your drive on the home screen then click on Can’t find the drive? option to locate them.

recover Raw image files

Step 3: Once the Quick scan is completed, you can click on Dynamic Recovery View to locate the recovered RAW Image files.

list of recovered raw image files is listed

Step 4: You can locate your Image files under the Lost and Found Files and Deleted Files folder.

TIP💡: Make use of Advanced filter options to sort the recovered RAW image files separately or a Search box to search the RAW Image files.

sort to reocvered raw image files that were lost during DNG conversion

Step 5: Double-click on any recovered RAW Image files to preview them, Once satisfied with the results click on Recover to save them on your device.

save the reocvered raw images

Caution🛑: Save the recovered RAW Image files in a different folder or location from the previous one to avoid losing them.


Converting RAW images to DNG is a very good way to save image on the storage drive as it conserves a lot of disk space. If you have enabled the “Delete originals after successful conversion” option, it is difficult to recover lost RAW images after DNG conversion. Apart from the above scenario the RAW images could be deleted, lost due to corruption or any other unforeseen reasons. In any such cases, download and try the Remo Recover software and retrieve the images with ease.

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