Recover lost files from wrongly customized recycle bin in HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook 13t-2000

You must be familiar with the recycle bin. Yeah this is where your deleted files get temporarily stored. You can retrieve files from the bin whenever the need arises. Windows has reserved a default amount of disk space for recycle bin in hard drive. If you want you can increase or decrease the size of the recycle bin to regain the disk space. Few days back you had deleted some .doc files from your HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook 13t-2000. After a week you realized the importance of that file and go back to recycle bin to retrieve it. But to your utmost surprise the files are not present there. It seems they have been pushed out of the recycle bin to make space for newer files. While looking for the cause of this problem you discover that you had unmindfully reduced the size of the recycle bin. So, the document files were being pushed out quick enough. The immediate question in your mind is how to get back files pushed out of the recycle bin. As long as you have applications like data recovery software you don’t have much to worry.

People would love to use HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook 13t-2000 because of its advanced technological features. This laptop looks smart due to its ultra-thin, all-metal design. You can carry it anywhere you go. It is equipped with Intel® Rapid Start Technology and Intel® Third Generation Processors to provide superb performance. The hard drive capacities vary from 128 GB and 256 GB. Also you can enjoy multitasking and photo editing like a pro. This laptop is loaded with the ports like a world-class laptop has. The powerful battery backup can help you work and play at the same time.

Once the recycle bin gets filled up it pushes the older deleted files into the hard drive. And in order to restore them you need to use Remo Recovery Software. First you need to download and install the software, then go to ‘Recover Files’. After that click ‘Recover Deleted Files’, and select the hard drive. Once the scanning gets completed, it will give you a list of the recovered files. Select the once that you need to recover and save the session for further use.


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