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Are you one of those who lost data from your Mac machines? It’s always very necessary to be cautious and very careful while working with your data. But there is nothing to worry even if you have lost, you can get them back. Sometimes, you may lose data due to your carelessness. When you are formatting your Mac Volume, you may lose your data. As you know formatting will erase your complete data stored on your Volumes. But in case if you don’t have the backup of your data, you will lose your entire data from the Mac Volumes. If such instances happen you become more restless and will be distressed. However, you can’t even recreate them as it is a huge amount of data, it’s really very unbearable situation. Don’t worry; even if you cannot recreate them, you can recover them easily with the help of a data restore software. Remo Recover (Mac) is the one such software that will aid you in reclaiming your lost data.

Note: Once you lose your data, immediately stop using the system or any device from which you lost your data. this may lead to data over writing, which makes your data irrecoverable.

Remo Mac Data Recovery software to Retrieve Mac Data:

Remo recover can not only recover your lost data but also supports recovery of deleted data. It has special features that can restore your data from the Mac Volumes even after formatting it for several times. It performs deep-scan that too repeatedly to find each and every piece of data from your Mac Volumes. This software can restore data even from all major file systems like HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 or FAT32. Not just one or two, Remo Recover (Mac) can retrieve more than 300 types of files including documents, videos, pictures, audio, ZIP files, PPD files etc. including their different formats.

In case you have lost your favorite songs from your iPod, don’t worry, you can still get your lost songs back even from the iPods with the aid of Remo recover. Not just this, one can undoubtedly utilize this tool to perform recovery from many other storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, pen drives, Fire Drives etc. on your Mac machines.

Situations where Remo Recover Mac can be used:

No matter whether it is deletion or formatting, you can easily recover your Mac data, but these are not the only reasons for data loss. There are many reasons in which you lose your data and this utility comes to your help. Among them some of these are:

  • Emptying the trash Bin, which may contain your vital data, which was deleted accidentally
  • Catalog file corruption, leads to inaccessibility of your entire Mac Volume
  • Sometimes, due to the mishandling of the external devices like memory cards to pen drives, your Mac file system may get corrupt
  • Hard drive crash due to frequent power fluctuations, overheating of your hard drives etc.
  • Improper partitioning or errors while partitioning also results in inaccessibility of your Mac Volumes

Luckily, in all these situations you can make use of Remo Data Recovery software for Mac and reclaim the lost data. But, many of them will even not be aware of the reason behind the data loss. In such cases, how will you recover? Just chill! There is nothing much to worry, as Remo Recover works irrespective of the factor leading to the data loss.

Why prefer only Remo Recover (Mac)?

Remo recover (Mac) is a simple yet powerful tool that comes with huge features to facilitate easy and comfortable Mac recovery process. In case your files are not listed due to the absence of the file signatures, you can edit and add the new signatures to these files. Also, you can find and locate a particular type of file using “Find-Tool”, even after recovery. It has some special options like “Save Recovery Session” and “Open Recovery session”, both can be used while you are using the trial version, in order to avoid the rescanning of the Mac Volume after purchasing the tool.

Guide to Recover Lost Mac Data:

Remo recover (Mac) provides you the best and simplest way to recover your data from Mac. It allows you to recover your Mac data. Just follow the below steps to get your data back:

Step 1: Download the Remo Recover (Mac) software on your Mac Volume other than the one from where you are recovering. Install the software.

Step 2: Launch the software, and select “Recover Volumes / Drives” option from the main screen Figure 1, and then choose an appropriate choice from the consecutive screen (Figure 2)

Step 3: Choose the drive or Volume to be recovered and press “Next”, click Figure 3 to view the screenshot

Step 4: Software starts scanning and after completion, you can view your files as a Mac Finder Styled interface like Figure 4

Step 5: Preview each one of it and judge their chances of recovery using “Preview” option

Step 6: Save the recovered files at any location of your choice.

In order to recover Trash data from Mac, i suggest you to visit here.

Notable Point: Do not save the recovered files on the same Volume from where your recovered the files.

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