Why is my Mac computer running so slow?

People get very annoyed when any of their application is running slow on their Mac computers. But, just imagine that your entire Mac computer is slow and takes around minutes to open a single file or to respond to your mouse click, Isn’t it very frustrating? Well, there is no need to panic. As your Mac computer becomes older day by day, it’s very normal to slow down. However, if you’ve noticed a sudden and drastic change in your Mac computer speed then read on this article. There are many issues that lead to decrease Mac computer speed; mentioned below are some main reasons that slows down your Mac computer and ways to overcome them.

Cluttered Mac desktop or hard disk is nearly full:

Having too many files and shortcuts on your Mac desktop or hard disk slow down your machine gradually. Hence it is suggested to just take a look at files and apps that are very rarely used and delete the same. However if you find this way is time consuming and tiresome just make use of "Remo MORE" software to solve this problem. It will help you to remove all the unwanted files and shortcuts from your Macintosh and helps you increase your computer performance.

Caches, log files and temporary items:

Caches, log files and temporary items are also a reason, which slows down your Mac computer. Accumulation of unwanted cache and temporary files on Mac computers takes up memory space and results in reduced system performance. So it is very necessary to regularly clear out Caches, Log files and Temporary Items and an easy way to do this is by using “MORE” utility. The “Privacy Cleaner” option in this utility will aid you to remove all junk files such as cache, log files, temporary items, Trash bin contents, document history etc.

Presence of duplicate files:

Duplicates files on Mac computers also responsible for Mac computers running very slo. Duplicate files are files with same names but are present on different memory space and makes you confuse when you try to differentiate between them. Even in these cases you can use "MORE" software to sort out your problem, by using “Remove Duplicates” option one can easily identify and remove duplicate files present on their Mac computers particular Volume or partition.

Following the above listed procedure will help you to fix all the issues responsible for Mac computer running slow. However it is recommended to take a backup of your important files before performing any above mentioned operation.

Boost up your Mac machine performance using Remo MORE:

Step 1: Download and install MORE software in your Mac machine and launch it. After launching the tool select "Optimize" option from Main window as illustrated in figure1.

Step 2: From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option as illustrated in figure2.

Step 3: Select "Clean System Junk" option from the third screen to clear junk file from your Mac machine and to improve its performance as illustrated in figure3.

Step 4:In fourth screen, you get the list of your system junk files such. Select the items you want to delete and click on "Clean" button as illustrated in figure4.

Step 5: As soon as your system junk files get cleared, a final screen will apperas with the list of cleared items as illustrated in figure5.

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