How to Recover MacBook Partition

Oh no! This is very awful situation, I have lost all my important data from my partition due to format. Actually I had many partitions in my MacBook and in one partition I had unwanted files which I wanted to remove, so I thought of removing the entire files using format option so that the files will get removed faster. But while performing format of the partition I selected wrong partition which resulted in loss of entire data on that particular partition. The files which were removed are very essential to me and I need them desperately, so can anyone recommend me a good recovery tool which can easily recover partition from MacBook.

People still have questions like “Can we recover data from formatted partition?” or “The data that is formatted is lost forever or can it be recovered?”. Does these questions still remains as question or is there any probable solution to it, obviously yes. The data which is lost due to format of MacBook partition can be recovered without any ambiguity. Moreover some users feel that the recovery process is very complicated and is not simple to perform, but the best way to recover formatted partition is by utilizing a prominent tool known as Remo Recover (Mac). This tool can make your recovery process very simple as it provides you with easy to understand interface by which you can easily accomplish your recovery task.

Some other reasons for loss of data

For the above mentioned scenario the data loss was due to unintentional format, but there can be many other reasons also by which one can lose their precious data. So when the file system of partition gets corrupted user will not be allowed to access the partition until you format the partition, then at this situation if you format the partition then it may result in loss of entire data within that partition. When reinstallation of operating system has to be performed then you are supposed to format a partition in order to accomplish new OS installation so by this you can lose your data on that particular partition.

Features of Remo Recover (Mac)

Remo Mac Hard Drive Recovery tool will safely recover the data from a formatted partition without causing any damage to the actual data, this is an added advantage because if the actual data is damaged due to any interruption while recovery is in progress then further recovery is not at all possible. Its built in deep scanning algorithms can recover up to 300 types of files like documents, zip archive, photos and much more. This tool supports recovery even from hard drive such as SATA, SCSI, SSD, IDE etc. With the help of this program you can recover data from flash drives, iPods, FireWire Drives, external hard drive and many more. Before purchase you can utilize demo version of this software in order to check whether recovery is possible or not. This popular tool can recover files from file system such as FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFSX. Utilizing this application you can easily regain data from partition having bad sectors on a hard drive.

Steps to Recover Partition Using Remo Recover (Mac)

  • Initially download and install free trial version of this software
  • Lunch the application, at the main screen select “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option or “Volumes Recovery” option depending on the situation
  • In the upcoming screen select the partition from which you want to recover the data and then click on “Next “ option
  • In the next slide select the types of files you want to recover, for example documents, pictures, archives etc. Mark the ones you need and click on “Next” option
  • After you click next scanning process will begin, wait until it gets finished successfully
  • Once the recovery is completed you are provided with a list of the recovered data, if you find the software has recovered your expected files then save the scanned information using the “Save Recovery Session” option
  • Purchase the application and after activation run it
  • Using “Open Recovery Session” option you can load the previously stored recovery information in order to save your valuable time
  • Store the recovered data to some safer location
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Safe and Secure
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