Maximize Battery Life of Macbook Pro

Most of the MacBook Pro users worry much about battery life in their computer; however there is no doubt that battery life mainly depends on the usability and some other configuration of computer. Thus if you appropriately configure your MacBook Pro then there are probabilities that you can boost the battery life. Subsequently to help you know which things to configure majorly you can make use of Remo MORE tool that can ease the things. Before knowing much about the tool lets go through some of the common configuration of MacBook Pro which can boost the battery life.

Adjust display brightness: Brightness of MacBook Pro can have major impact on your battery life, thus if the brightness of MacBook Pro is high then press F1 to reduce the brightness until it is low and comfortable to view. Additionally you can also navigate to the following path Apple menu > System Preferences > Displays to make brightness setting. Moreover selection of graphics on your MacBook Pro should also be appropriate so that the battery consumption is optimal.

Disable setting that is no more required: Most of the users use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to accomplish their work but soon after their usage they forget disabling them. Similarly USB drive, FireWire devices, SD card, Thunderbolt, CD / DVD and other externally connected devices has to be removed if they are not in use. Consequently sync services, automatic updates and screen saver can be disabled so that you can save much of your battery charge.       

Make use of a proper adapter to charge the battery as improper adapter can put your battery at stake, and more importantly do not overcharge the battery and as well avoid complete drain of your battery. To keep a track of how much percentage your battery is charged and how much it is consumed you can use a battery charge indicator which is built-in MacBook Pro. However there are certain scenarios where you may be busy in working on your MacBook due to which you don’t focus on battery indicator. In such scenarios you may be required to set a low battery warning if it is not enabled already, this signal may popup when your battery life is almost low and moreover prevent you from sudden shutdown in MacBook Pro.

As mentioned earlier that using Remo MORE app you can effectively configure settings which can boost your battery life. Thus this application allows you to have your own plan which can be created, managed and as well scheduled. Additionally the option provided by this tools are very simple to understand and a novice user will not feel any difficulty in handling the software. Apart from custom plan this app provides some default plans of it such as Balanced, High Performance, Always Active, Gamer Profile, Power Saver etc. Besides this some of the unique power setting which are provided by this tool is turning off display, turn off hard disk, put computer to sleep, put computer to hibernate and many others.

Steps to use Remo MORE

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE application on your MacBook Pro, run the application and then click on “Manage” option as in Image1

Step 2: In manage section you will find many options, in all these options just select “Power Manager” option which is as indicated in Image2

Step 3: Now select “Create Power Plan” option as in Image3

Step 4: To create plan provide necessary info as in Image4 and click on “Create and Schedule” option

Step 5: After creating plan you will be get the following Image5

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Safe and Secure
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