MacBook Running Slow

Is your Macbook running slow? Are you failing to identify reasons that slowing your Macbook speed? Is your MacBook taking too much time to boot up? If yes then no need to worry; just you go through this article thoroughly you will get detailed solution to fix issues related system’s performance.

List factors which making your Mac system to run slowly

  • Junk Files: As you install or application on your Mac hard disk, few junk files are created on hard disk. These junk files are not needed for longer duration and keeping them in hard disk simply accumulates memory space. Due to this, you may run out of memory space when you require to store other data. IN addition, it affects system’s performance because when system is running out of ram memory then it utilizes hard disk free space as virtual memory to run applications efficiently. Hence having more free memory size in hard disk will increase your Mac system performance.  
  • Startup Items:   When you boot up your Mac system most of the application can also run automatically which drastically increases your Mac boot up time and these applications keeps running in background even though they are not being needed. They just increase the Mac boot time take up memory. Hence, disable the application which are running automatically. To do this, Go to the Apple menu, and choose System Preferences then Accounts and then Login to disable applications.
  • Ram size: When you browse in your Macbook using any browser application which usually stores temporary internet files which stores on RAM for temporary. In addition, when you two or more application at a time which utilizes RAM memory. Thus, all these things will makes you to run out of RAM memory which directly affects speed of system. Hence, regularly delete internet temporary files and run minimal applications at a time.
  • Applications:  Mac Operating system provides more feature to enjoy more flexibility for users. Thus, installing unwanted applications on system, which utilizes hard disk memory, as low free space, can decrease performance. Hence, uninstall application you do not wish to use regularly and not usable for you.

All these instructions can be performed manually if you have little knowledge about your MacBook system setting but it will be very time consuming process and need to do it often. Hence, by utilizing third party application like Remo MORE on your MacBook, you can easily solve all these issues in a few clicks on applications. It is a very robust and reliable application can help all kinds of users to enhance speed of MacBook by fixing issues in it.

Guidelines to speed up MacBook:

  • Step1: Download and install Remo MORE application on your Macbook successfully
  • Step2: Application begins scanning the Macbook as you launch it Figure 1
  • Step3: Once scanning is over, displays list of issues which slowing your Mcbook. Click on “Fix Issues” option as depicted in figure Figure 2
  • Step 4: A window will be displayed showing the fixing operation as depicted in figure Figure 3
  • Step 5: Once issues are fixed, you can click again to scan your MacBook for probable issues as depicted in figure Figure 4
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