How to Recover Lost Files on macOS Sierra

A quick solution to recover missing file on macOS Sierra- Remo File Recovery Software for Mac. The tool will scan your drive and restores all files that are delete or missing in just few simple steps - Scan - > Select - > Save ....

Unable to find your important file MacOS Sierra? Well, it’s really painful when an important file is missing. Hence it is necessary to learn some file recovery skills. This page explains the most preferred ways that you can use to recover missing file back on Sierra.

Solution #1: Use Spotlight to search for a missing file

Open Spotlight using Command-Space and start typing the name of the file you want to find – results appear as you type. For instance, you could search by typing “Office documents” or “Los Angeles pictures”.

Beneficial #Tip: Ask Siri, where did my file go?

Siri has finally made the leap from iOS to the Mac with Sierra. You can ask/search any file on your Mac by saying the name of the file you are looking for in the same way you’d type it. Well, like iOS devices you can’t trigger Siri by just saying “Hey Siri”, but you need to type a keystroke or click on the Siri icon in the menu bar or the Dock in order to begin speaking.

Solution #2: Check out your Trash

The file you are looking for might have deleted accidentally or unknowingly. So, you'd better check your Trash folder once to make sure your missing file is still there or not. If you find, then right-click your file and select "Put Back", or even you can drag the files from the Trash to your Desktop.

Solution #3: Use your Backups to recover macOS Sierra missing file

You can back up your entire Mac including system files, documents, apps, music, photos, and emails using Time Machine. When it is turned on, it automatically backs up your Mac and performs hourly, daily, and weekly backups of your files.

Even you can restore lost file from the backup made on any external devices.

Still no luck is helping out in missing file recovery on Sierra? Stop using your Mac right now!

The lost or missing files on Mac will not be going to be removed permanently. Mac OS just marks the space occupied by lost file as available for new files. The lost file which you are looking might still reside on your Sierra drive and you can recover it unless it gets overwritten. So stop using Mac and act quickly!

Immediately switch to a reliable recovery software to recover Sierra lost file.

Solution #4: Remo File Recovery Software for Mac

When none of the above told methods seem to work in recovering missing file(s), then using Remo File Recovery Application for Mac would be the better option.

The important benefit of using this tool is you can perform a selective file recovery. Meaning you can select any file type that you are looking for like Documents, Spreadsheets, Music, Videos, Pictures, etc. as shown below:

You can even add new file in the box labelling “Enter file type” if the required file type is not available in the given list.

How to recover missing file on Sierra?

You need to just follow couple of simple steps, that’s it. The missing file will be back on your Mac.

  • Download Remo File Recovery Tool for Mac on your Sierra Machine
  • Install the software by following simple instructions (make sure the application is not installed on the same Volume where the lost file was stored)
  • Run the tool and choose “Recover File” from the main window
  • Now, choose “Recover Lost Files” from the next screen since you need to retrieve the file that is missing
  • Select the drive/volume from where the file has to be recovered
  • Software scans and list out all the recoverable file types
  • Choose the required file type or add a new one as per your need
  • Application starts scanning and after some time it will display recovered files
  • Preview the file, provide the destination location to save the file

Note: The software is available as free and paid version and the steps mentioned above will be applicable for both the versions. Only the difference is you need to buy license key in order to save restored file on your Mac.

By this, you might have noticed how friendly the user interface of Remo is! No technical skills are required to use this software, even a newbie can restore lost as well as deleted files easily.

Well, Remo File Recovery is a basic version that can be helpful in recovering lost and deleted files from Mac both Mac laptops and desktops. If you’re looking to restore entire iMac data or any other laptops like MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or Mac Mini missing due to formatting drive, crash or improper partitioning, then you need to choose Pro version of Remo Recover (Mac) tool.

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