How to Increase Download Speed in Windows 8

If the download speed in your Windows 8 is slow then it is apparent that you will get frustrated, however in these situations most of the users settle to the same slow speed assuming that the problem lies with internet service provider. If you are not getting for what you are paying then you can surely blame internet provider but if you are using data plan which are of low cost then upgrade it to higher data plan to get high speed download and internet. However there are several aspects which you may have to consider in order to maximize download speed in Windows 8.

  • While downloading do not browse through internet and avoid opening application which consumes more memory of your Windows
  • Terminate unused application and disable automatic update services (of Windows, anti-virus and other apps) as this can interrupt in between download and try to consume bandwidth of internet
  • Update your device drivers of network so that you can increase speed of Windows 8
  • At times virus and adware try to slow down your computer due to which it will impact on internet too. So download and install a good anti-virus and anti-adware program which can eliminate viruses and ad-wares residing on your computer    
  • If you are downloading a file using browser or download manger then clear the junk files that were accumulated due to previous operations of the app. Junk files like history, cache, cookies, download history etc. should be removed   
  • Downloading many files at a times can slow the speed of internet, thus pause other download threads to allow one download file at one specified time
  • Unplug router or modem from power so that the cache of the device gets flushed. Additionally you can also reset the setting of device to make it work as it was earlier

After applying above mentioned methods if the download is still slow and persistent then make use of Remo MORE app which can solve the issue within minutes. This tool can be easily accessed by any novice user as it comes with user-interface which can be easily understood. Moreover the program can optimize internet speed of Modem connection, DSL, Wi-Fi, cable, Satellite, LAN connection, T1 or corporate connection. Besides, the utility is equipped with advance algorithms which can get down to the actual cause of slow download and fix the issue without any glitches.

Other features of Remo MORE

  • Can be easily installed on various devices of different platform like Android, Windows, Mac and iOS
  • Safe and secure to use as it is free from virus
  • Does not damage any data on which it is operating because it is non-destructive application
  • Can be used on laptop, iPads, tablets, Smartphone etc.  

Steps to maximize download speed on Windows 8

  • At first download and install Remo MORE application on computer from which you are downloading
  • Launch the tool and from the home screen click on Enhance option shown as in Figure 1
  • From the consecutive slide select Internet Speed Enhancer and then choose Optimized Speed as indicated in Figure 2
  • Now in this Figure 3 you can select the type of network and then click on Optimize
  • The tool will take some time to fix the issue thus wait for some time, finally you will get Your internet settings have been updated successfully message displayed as in Figure 4
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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