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Last week, I connected my Maxtor OneTouch external hard drive to my Windows computer to transfer files. After connecting it, when I tried to open it an error message was displayed on the screen. This error message stated "The Drive needs to be formatted. Do you want to format it?" Without giving any second thought I accidentally clicked on option yes and it erased all my data saved in Maxtor OneTouch disk. Is it possible to perform Maxtor OneTouch Data Recovery now?

If you have formatted your Maxtor OneTouch drive after format error then you need not worry because you can easily recover data from Maxtor OneTouch drives. As you know Maxtor OneTouch hard drives are one of the popular external drives that are manufactured by Seagate. It has many unique attractions than any other external storage drives like portable, one touch backup solution, high storage capacity (750GB), requires minimum 256 MB RAM to work and many more. It can synchronize data easily between two or more system that works on same Operating system.

Unluckily, Maxtor OneTouch data can be lost easily which can lead to severe data loss situations. If proper backup of important Maxtor OneTouch files and folders are not maintained then definitely user may face huge loss of data. Below mentioned are some of the scenarios that can lead to deletion or loss of data from Maxtor OneTouch drive other than Format Error:

Unintentionally Formatting: There are possibilities that user may unintentionally format Maxtor OneTouch drive instead of some other logical system disk when connected to the system. Hence, accidentally formatting can erase all files and folders stored in Maxtor drive causing data loss.

Malicious Threats: Malicious threats like virus, malware, spyware etc. can cause deletion of few files from Maxtor OneTouch disk without giving any warning. In some case, if infection severity is very high then user cannot be able to access the drive.

Accidental Deletion: When any files and folders are erased from Maxtor OneTouch external hard drive, it will bypass Recycle Bin and get deleted permanently. If any important data is deleted then it may lead to heavy loss of data from Maxtor OneTouch disk.

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are the region present on the hard drive that is damaged permanently and thus that region cannot be used further. If bad sectors are increased on Maxtor OneTouch drive then data stored in it will not be able to access which results into severe data loss situation.

Whenever you come across any of the above mentioned scenarios then don’t panic, data recovery from Maxtor OneTouch is possible using some third party application.  According to technical facts, when data is lost or deleted, its address pointer from address table of the drive is erased making that data invisible. The data is still present in hard drive memory and is not permanently deleted. Hence it can be recovered using hard drive recovery software in few clicks.

(Note: To perform complete data recovery, user should avoid using Maxtor OneTouch Disk soon after data loss situation.)

Remo Recover Utility:

Here is the most efficient software Remo Recover tool to retrieve data from Maxtor OneTouch drive. It has the ability to recover all types of files like Word documents, video files, movies, songs, pictures, spreadsheets, presentation files and many more. This recovery software has the ability to recover missing, deleted and formatted data from Maxtor OneTouch disk. It has inbuilt scanning and recovering algorithms which is enough capable to identify around 300 file formats and rescue them keeping original content intact.

Additionally, it can create disk image to bypass bad sector and later user can easily recover data stored in bad sector using these images. It can also recover data from deleted, formatted and reformatted partitions with great ease. This recovery software restores data not only from Maxtor OneTouch brand but also it recovers data from Toshiba, Seagate, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, HP, Lexar, Kingston, etc.

It also recovers data from all storage devices that are detected on computer system or laptop. This product provides user with an option to save rescued data in any storage disk including DVD and CD. It is compatible with all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating System. User using Windows OS can make use of Remo Recover Windows and Mac users can use Remo Recover Mac utility.

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