Recovering Files from Memory Stick Pro Duo

Recover lost / deleted files from Memory Stick Pro Duo. It can be your videos, photos, documents or any other file type, this utility will restore them all from Memory sticks of various brands.

Memory Stick Pro Duo is a data storage chip that offers good storage capacity and high data transfer speed. It's been widely used in digital cameras, camcorders, PlayStation, PDA's, etc. for storing photos, high definition videos, games, audios in bulk. However, losing files from these memory chips is always a possibility as data loss event occurs without any prior notifications.

All the advantages that comes with Memory Stick Pro Duo does not guarantees data safety. However, data loss instances can be easily overcome by using the backup file. But, most users always fails to keep backup of files which are stored in Memory Stick Pro Duo. So does it mean the files which are lost or deleted from Memory Stick Pro Duo are gone forever? No they aren't!!! Those files are still recoverable by using Remo card recovery software.

First thing STOP using your Memory Stick Pro Duo at first when you sense data loss.

Use Remo Card Recovery Software to Retrieve Lost / Deleted Files from Memory Stick Pro Duo:

Remo Recover is the most reliable and well-known utility when it comes to restore data from Memory Sticks. It's been used to recover photos along with other files which are lost or deleted from Memory Stick on Windows and Mac systems. Apart from Memory stick, it also guides user to recover format hard drive data, USB drive data with ease.

This software comes with a user friendly GUI and provides step-by-step instructions that ensures fast Memory Stick Pro Duo data recovery without hampering the files. If the storage device is infected with bad sectors, then this application will create disk images to bypass the bad sectors and recover files from them.

Supported Memory Stick Pro Duo brands: SanDisk, Lexar, Sony, Kingston and many more.

Causes of loss / deletion of files from Memory Stick Pro Duo where Remo Recover comes handy:

  • Deleting files from Memory Stick Pro Duo accidentally
  • Unintentionally formatting Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • Interruption while transferring data can result in loss of files
  • Using single Memory Stick Pro Duo in various portable gadgets
  • Malicious threats can delete files without any warnings

Safety Tips to avoid data loss from Memory Stick Pro Duo in future:

  • Unplug Memory Stick Pro Duo from laptop/system using Safely Remove Hardware option
  • Avoid using same Memory Stick Pro Duo in different devices
  • Essential to maintain backup copy of files in Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • Avoid connecting Memory Stick to virus infected system

Procedure to Restore Files from Memory Stick Pro Duo:

The first step is to download and install Remo Recover software in the system. Then connect Memory Stick Pro Duo to the system and launch the software. From Main screen select Recover Files option. Select Memory Stick Pro Duo from the list of displayed drives and click Scan option to start the scanning process. Soon after scanning process, list of all retrieved file will be displayed. Finally, the user can store restored files in any particular destination on computer/laptop.

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