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Updated on Jan 10, 2020

Remo Card Recovery Software offers a free recovery of deleted and lost photos, videos, songs, documents, and other files from microSD cards. Download the free Remo Card Recovery Tool now, and recover your files in just three clicks of mouse..!

In this digital era, microSD cards are one of the most widely used flash memory devices that plays vital role in extending the available memory on portable media devices. In fact, your mobile phones, digital camera, music players, GPS devices, iPods, etc. all other devices would support these cards to be used as an extended memory that helps in storing bulk amount of data.

Besides these advantages of microSD cards, it even comes with its own disadvantages like other flash cards! However, one such major issue is that it does not provide sufficient data security options. You may at times land in some disastrous instances wherein you lose all your vital microSD card data due to simple mistakes. After such instances, Micro SD card users think that recovery of lost or deleted files, recovery of files from corrupted or formatted MicroSD card or performing mobile memory card recovery is not possible. However, it is only a misconception as data recovery from Micro SD card is possible. Before proceeding towards the solution and the recovery process, have a look on the reasons that causes data loss issues in microSD cards.

Common data loss scenarios

  • Inadvertent deletion: While removing some unwanted media files from microSD cards you may select the vital data and delete them off unknowingly. Also, while viewing the videos or pictures you might unknowingly hit the “Delete” option.
  • Formatting card: Formatting will help you clear virus infections and other minor file system issues. But if you don’t have proper backup of your files then you could lose your vital data from the flash card.
  • Memory card corruption: Abrupt removal of the card from digital media devices like cameras, smartphones and computers (connected via card readers) and severe virus / malware attack can corrupt your microSD card file system rendering the card inaccessible.

These are the frequent data loss scenarios which can occur while using the memory card. But is it possible to get back data lost in these instances. No Worries, every problem has its solution; likewise, it is possible to perform CF card recovery. Remo Recover product is the best way to perform Micro SD card recovery, as the tool works exceptionally well to get back all your files lost or deleted in any of the instances that too with minimum effort.

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Remo Recover tool features

Remo Recover application is designed with a powerful in-built scanning algorithm that allows users to get back digital media files of any type like music, videos, images, raw images etc. from MicroSD card just with few minutes. It is highly skilled to easily identify and extract all popular media file formats files. At times, you may lose access to your files on the card due to format error because of which you might forcefully format the card losing the entire data. Even in such cases, this tool enables you to perform data recovery from SD after format error in simple procedure. It is well suitable with all standard MicroSD card brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP etc.

In addition, this unbeatable utility is not restricted to restore data from MicroSD cards but can also retrieve files from different types of SD cards such as miniSD, SDHC, SDXC and many more of different camera models. You can actually save all your recovered files to CD / DVD or to any accessible storage device that too in a compressed zip format in order to save your disk space.

Moreover, the tool can even be used to recover files from a memory chip of any type like CF cards, XD cards etc. However, while either scanning the drive or recovering the files it never edits any of your files or damages the card. Hence, with all these above listed matchless quality attributes Remo Recover application is the best option to easily restore data from SD card.

Why users like to employ Remo Recover software?

  • Well organized and safe
  • 24/7 free help services via live chats
  • Easy and understandable interface
  • Consumes very less memory to install
  • Viruses and malware free product
  • Free evaluation copy with complete Preview of recovered files

Few hassle free steps to use the application

You need hardly few clicks to make use of this multitasking product. First, you should download Remo Recover software to accomplish media files recovery. Now attach the card to your computer system via card reader or any portable device cable and run the software. As the first window comes into view just select Recover Files. Then choose your microSD card and let the tool to start the scanning process. Once your card is scanned completely, it displays a complete list of recovered files, you can preview them. If satisfied just mark the needed ones and save them by ignoring the rest.

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Safe and Secure
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