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Recently, I upgraded existing OS in my system from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Later I failed to configure all the device drivers successfully due to lack of Microsoft drivers backup. Later, I tried to download the drivers from manufacturer's website but I found that this task was difficult to perform and at last I failed in this process. Please could anyone help me out to complete this task in simple way?

Many users fail to configure their system completely due to lack of information about driver files and do not know how to get them through internet in an easier way. In addition, some users do not find time to search specific manufacture brands and model device driver. For all these problems, the only solution is Remo Driver Discover tool. This software can efficiently installs or updates any Microsoft’s device drivers through its driver database. In order to complete this task, user need to do some simple clicks on software.

When Microsoft drivers issues raises in system

  • When drivers configured incorrectly
  • When installed device drivers are incompatible with PC
  • When entry of drivers installed in system are made incorrectly in the registry files
  • When driver files corrupted due to virus and spyware

Advantages of using Remo Driver Discover software

  • Interactive user interface to accomplish install, update and backup tasks in an easy way
  • Provides technical support to guide you about tool and solve issues related to software
  • Do not do any harmful to your PC as it is read only application
  • All downloaded files will be free from virus and spyware

List of steps to install Microsoft drivers using Remo Driver Discover

  • Download demo version of Remo Driver Discover tool
  • Install on your PC successfully and start the tool by double clicking on shortcut icon created on desktop
  • In main screen click on Start Scan, software starts scanning system to detect total drivers installed on it Figure 1
  • After few minutes a message displays on screen that indicates missing, non-operational and outdated drivers Figure 2
  • If you need those drivers updated then register to site successfully Figure 3
  • Now tool provides permission to download any Microsoft device drivers from its driver database

Procedure to backup Microsoft Drivers

  • In main screen, click on Backup option
  • Next select Create Backup option Figure 1
  • A list of drivers installed in system will be displayed Figure 2
  • Now you can backup specific drivers or to backup all system drivers, click on Check all option
  • Click Next and provide location, name and file type for backup file as depicted in figure Figure 3
  • Finally follow onscreen instructions to complete the task successfully Figure 4

Using Remo Driver Discover tool you can install or update Microsoft’s Bluetooth drivers, Sound drivers, Video drivers, Keyboard drivers, WebCam drivers, Motherboard drivers, USB drivers, DVD drivers, Scanner drivers and many more…

Other supporting brands are AMD, Canon, Asus, ATI, NVDIA, Realtek, Samsung, Acer, Brother, HP, Toshiba, LG, Lenovo, Kingston, IBM, Sony, Dell, Asus, Canon and many more...

Instructions to follow

  • Keep your system free from virus and malware threats
  • Do backup of all driver files installed on your system
  • Keep updating all device drivers

Extra Skills: With the help of Remo Driver Discover software you can easily fix USB device not recognized issue in a simple way.

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