How to Move MS Outlook Calender Items

Is it possible to carry my Outlook 2007 Calander to Microsoft Outlook 2010 version? Because, recently my laptop is attacked by vulnerable viruses. I can reinstall my Windows operating system but in my Outlook Calander there are tons of events and schedules. To reproduce them in my reinstalled Microsoft Outlook program is difficult. Suggest me an easiest way?

Is it possible to move all my Calander schedules and events from Microsoft Outlook 2007 to Microsoft Outlook 2010, where both are in different PC’s?

No longer, the Microsoft Outlook Calander settings, events and schedules are going to be a troublesome process. Before dealing with the issues. A few things need to be clarified first before getting into the detailed procedure on migrating Microsoft Outlook Calander. The Ms Outlook Calander is one of the leading features of Microsoft Outlook software. Some of the magical stuffs of Outlook Calander that took the business world closer to Microsoft Outlook are. We can create appointments, multiple Calander, Calander items can be shared over the internet, schedules and events for lone use as well as in a group.

The real constraint of this Microsoft Outlook Calander will be experienced when it fails or its content is lost or deleted. These things are highly possible in today’s bugged world. So it is our responsibility to handle those easily volatile stuffs.

A few of the circumstances where the Calander of your may get wiped are.

  • Reinstalled Windows operating system
  • Reinstalled Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Outlook updation
  • Microsoft Outlook corruption
  • PC upgradation etc.

To save the loss of Microsoft Outlook Calander while migrating from this disaster is using a migrating tool to import and export Outlook Calander. Though we can find outlook migrating tool easily, it is not sure that the tool is capable of migrating other Calander items such as settings, events etc. An outstanding utility with the most advanced features and more to migrate Microsoft Outlook Calander is Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate.

As said before, the perfect solution for the user queries lies inside this software. This tool Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is a pioneer in this area. It can backup pst and also migrate it; from one PC to another PC, from Outlook lower version to higher version, reinstalled Outlook, reinstalled OS etc.

The mean features that kept this software in top among its participants in this field are.

  • Along with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar the entire related sub attributes like events, scheduled tasks, meetings and particularly settings. As all these sub attributes uses the Outlook settings for its reference. In the newly installed Microsoft Outlook the settings may differ. So it’s necessary to take the settings as well.
  • It migrate Microsoft Outlook Calander successfully from lower versions to higher versions. The reverse is not possible because the features in higher version cannot be found in lower versions.
  • For data security we can save the backup file compressed and password protected.
  • The advanced backup option helps the user to customize the needed Outlook Calander settings and migrate them.
  • The tool is well suited for Windows XP, Vista and 7 users running Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

To migrate Outlook 2007 to 2010, click here.

Easy steps for Microsoft Outlook Calander migration

  • Download the software from here
  • Install it in your Windows PC that has the Calander which needs to be backed up and open it
  • Now select Backup
  • Select “Smart backup
  • Now a backup file of all the Microsoft Outlook Calander contents is saved in the default location
  • Copy that backup file in a pen drive or any other external storage
  • After successful backup process, purchase the key for the product
  • Now after reinstalling the OS or Microsoft Outlook again install the same tool in the same PC or different PC based on where you want to place your old Calendar
  • Now insert the purchased key to the software and "browse" the saved backup file
  • Check for the info of backed up Outlook version and currently installed version
  • If password protected, submit the password and then start migrating the Microsoft Outlook Calendar successfully

Added info:

  • Never try to migrate Outlook Calendar from higher version to lower version as it may crash the process
  • Always make sure that the Outlook backup profile and the profile to be migrated are same
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