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Utility to Migrate MS Outlook Contacts

“Contacts” - most important word in the modern era. It is not so easy to digest when a most needed contact is lost while migrating. Contacts are one of the major wheels in the business cart. These contacts vary according to situations like email contacts, phone contacts, personnel contacts, etc. Since it is more essential, the storing and retrieval of contacts is done along with communication medium say phone, email clients, etc. One of the widely used email client is Microsoft Outlook, which provides a huge facilities for contacts. The major problem occurs while moving Outlook contacts to other location.

It is impossible for a naïve user who wants to import all his / her contacts to other Outlook version or even on advanced operating system manually. If users do this task manually, there is a fair possibilty that some amount of information may get missed unfortunately. And nobody likes to go through this kind of worst situation ever. Plenty of applications offer migrating assurance but among them Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is one of the finest tool to migrate Outlook contacts safely and accurately on your Windows operating system. Next section lists out the scenarios when you require to migrate contact of Outlook.

  • During PC upgradation
  • At the time of OS reinstallation
  • While updating Microsoft Outlook

Advanced features of Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate:

  • Remo Outlook Backup software can export all contacts from lower version of Microsoft Outlook to higher versions with great ease.
  • It can transport the same set of data to any number of PC’s running on Windows operating systems.
  • Since the settings are also migrated along with the Outlook contacts, you will not need any additional task for settings.
  • In case, if the migrating process fails, the software automatically creates four restore points while backing up in archives, which helps you to undo your mistakes smartly.
  • Outlook contacts, which are saved in separate folders, can also be migrated quite easily.
  • You can use all the features of your new Microsoft Outlook contacts in your exported contacts as well.

Tutorial to move your Outlook contacts:

Get the "demo version" of Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate and install it in your Windows PC. After installing successfully select “Backup” option, create a backup, and save the settings of the Outlook profile and attributes that you want to migrate. Then store the backup file in a specific location.Now install the Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate software in the reinstalled PC or a different system. Select “Migrate” option in the main window. After that, select the stored backup file containing the contacts. In the next upcoming “Items to migrate” dialog box choose the “contacts” attribute. Subsequent to clicking next, the tool will start migrating your contacts to the required destination.

Click here to migrate Outlook 2010 contacts

Remember these points:

1 : Never try to migrate contacts from higher versions of Outlook to lower versions because it is not possible and on trying, it will corrupt the PST while overwriting the settings.

2 : If you are migrating Outlook PST from one PC to another PC, make sure that both the system contains Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate.

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