Restore Data from Mimoco Designer USB Flash Drives

Retrieve back your vital data from Mimoco USB flash drives using Remo Recover tool!! Remo offers a smart way with its advanced data recovery algorithms to restore all the data which has been lost, deleted or formatted from Mimoco USB flash drives!!

Mimoco makes the coolest designer USB flash drives which are popular among users. It offers wide range of drives like mimobot, mimopower etc. Data loss in Mimoco USB flash drive may happen now and then due to improper usage of the drive or accidental errors. All your important files like documents, music files, videos etc. may get vanished in a single wrong keystroke. Sometimes it may also get corrupted due to some unknown reasons and leads to data inaccessibility.

You may find it very difficult to retrieve back the lost files, especially from USBs. Because whenever you delete or format a file from USB drive you may not be able to find any trace of the file in your system’s Recycle Bin. So does it mean that the data got deleted permanently? No. It remains still in your systems memory in a hidden state. You can very well retrieve it back using a data recovery tool. Now you may get confused about which tool to choose. The smart and wise option would be to use Remo Recover which is professional data recovery tool designed by experts to focus more on Mimoco USB flash drive data recovery.

An Easy Way to Retrieve Data from Mimoco USB Flash Drive

Remo Recover software offers you with easy solution to restore back all the data which has been lost, deleted or formatted from your Mimoco memory card. The advanced scanning mechanism of the software deep scans the entire USB drive and retrieve the data. It also supports data recovery from other storage devices like external and internal hard drives, memory cards, iPods, FireWire drives etc. It can retrieve more than 300 types of files which includes documents, spread sheets, audio files and videos etc.

  • Compatible to use with both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Supports data recovery even from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions / drives
  • Recover digital RAW images captured using different cameras and camcorders
  • You can sort the recovered results based on their name, file size and date of creation
  • Use “Find” option to locate a particular file among the recovered data
  • Pause and Resume the recovery process at any desired time using “Save Recovery Session” option
  • Use “Preview” option to evaluate the recovered files

Guide for Recovering Data from Mimoco USB Flash Drive :

  • Download and install Remo Hard Drive Recovery software on your Windows systems
  • Launch the software and click on the "Recover Drives / Partitions" from the main screen
  • Next, choose either "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option
  • Then select the drive representing the USB flash drive and press “Next” button to start the scanning process
  • As soon as scanning process gets over, you can view all your recovered data using Preview option
  • Finally, save recovered files in any location of your choice

Reasons for data loss in Mimoco USB flash drive

Formatting the drive due to corruption – Sometimes if the USB drive gets corrupted it may pop out error messages which states that “The drive is not formatted. Do you like to format it now?” This type of messages clearly indicates that your drive is corrupted and data becomes inaccessible due to it.

Accidental file deletion – You might have deleted a folder or file without knowing its importance and later realize the mistake

Interrupting data transfer – While transferring data from USB to any other storage device, you might have interrupted the process which results in data loss

While facing such data loss scenarios you need to for a strong tool which really works on data recovery. Remo Recover is one such tool which offers the faster and easy way to retrieve back the data from Mimoco USB flash drives. The simple GUI of the software guides you throughout the recovery process.

General Safety Measures

  • Take regular backup of files stored in your USB drive
  • Do not interrupt the file transfer between USB drive and other devices
  • Think twice before formatting the drive and check it once for existence of important files
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Safe and Secure
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