How to retrieve MMC card files?

Consider a scenario, where you have taken a lot of pictures from your digital camera on a recent trip. These pictures are stored on the external multi-media card used in the camera. But the photos or videos stored on this card are vulnerable as the cards are frequently used in different devices & this makes them prone to data loss. Other common reasons of your pictures or videos getting lost or deleted are accidentally removed files while deleting some unwanted files, unintentional formatting of the memory card while renaming or ejecting it, abrupt camera switch off while taking pictures & interruption in transferring files between PC and the digital camera. Most of the users think that when you delete some files & it is not visible in the directory structure also, then they are permanently removed from your system or device. But that is not the truth as by using a professional data recovery tool, these files can be easily restored.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) – Media Edition

Remo Recover – Media is the tool that is the perfect solution when it comes to MMC card recovery. It has advanced deep scanning algorithms that can do this work efficiently & in just few minutes. The software is very user-friendly & due to its wizard style interface it can be operated by any person with no technical knowledge also. It can easily restore media files like audio, video & photos from even corrupted or formatted cards. Remo Recover is capable of retrieving over 300 file formats from memory cards, USB drives and internal & external hard drives. It can also recover RAW type images generated by digital cameras.

The software is available for both Windows & Mac operating systems, supporting all their latest versions like Windows 8 for Windows OS family & Mountain Lion in Macintosh OS family. To recover files from MMC card, just connect it to a Windows system or a Mac system & perform the recovery process. The tool is perfectly supported with FAT, NTFS, HFS+ & HFSX file system partitions.

Why to use Remo Recover – Media Edition?

This application has many prominent features that make it the best among other media file recovery tools. It has an option to perform Signature Search if the user wish to recover only a particular type of file. This option helps in avoiding unnecessary files & folders being retrieved & taking extra time and memory space. Remo Recover – Media has the option to save the current scanning process in the demo version of the tool & restore it after purchasing the full version. The preview option enables the user to see the pictures before saving it. This helps in judging the tool’s performance before buying the registered version.

How to use Remo Recover to perform MMC Card Recovery?

Download & install the demo version of the tool & fire it up. From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option. Select “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen. Now choose the connected MMC card from the detected logical & physical drives. Hit the next arrow button to start the scanning process. After this process is completed, a list of recovered files is displayed. Preview & save those recovered files.

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