• 1-click maintenance
  • Enhanced internet speed
  • Enhanced device boot up speed
  • Custom recommendations & alerts

1-Click Maintenance

Just one click to keep your device fit

With 1-Click-Maintenance you can clean and fix your entire device at the click of a button. Just one click and your devices are fit again.

Automatic Maintenance

Make life more easier

With just one time settings and schedule, you can run most of the device performance tasks regularly. The 1-click maintenance can also be scheduled as per your needs. So you don’t have to worry about anything, the app will keep your devices fit every day.

Internet Speed Enhancer

Speed up your internet

Optimize your network settings for better and faster browsing experience. You can also make use of advanced settings, where in you can customize the internet settings on your own such as packet size, waiting time, no of servers etc.

Start Up Speed Enhancer

Speedup device start up

Increase the device start-up speed by blocking the unwanted startup items / applications which delay the device booting process.

Recommendation & Alert Feature

Keep it handy

Time to time useful recommendations and alerts to help you manage your smart devices easily and effectively.