Device Management Made Easy

  • Manage all your devices effortlessly
  • Boost device performance
  • Advanced safety features

Power Manager

Help your device battery last longer

Create custom power plans for your device for better battery power management; you can even schedule them as per requirement. Use iConnect PowerplanTM to bind your power plan with your network (Available on Windows).

ZIP Compression

Compress large files

Create compressed files in standard .zip and proprietary .rzip file format. You can also split, update, encrypt and even password protect your ZIP files.

File Folder Locker

Safeguard your sensitive files

Protect your sensitive files, confidential documents, personal photos & videos from un-authorized access by password protecting them using Remo MORE.

USB Protector

Safeguard USB drives

Password protect your entire USB or selectively protect important files & folders present on your USB device (Available on Windows).

File Shredder

Shred files carrying sensitive information

A powerful shredding mechanism to erase files which carry critical information. You can choose from simple to advanced shredding patterns to make sure that the files cannot be recovered back.

Backup Contacts

Backup your mobile contacts

If you are formatting or restoring your phone to default settings, then it’s a good idea to have backup of all your contacts. Remo MORE provides an easy way to backup and email your smartphone contacts in a generic VCF format, which can be restored back to any other smartphone or can be added to any email account (Available on Android & iOS). Also backup SMS, bookmarks, calendar, call log and apps.