Protection & Performance Assured

  • Advanced privacy protection
  • Clean up device junk
  • Increase device speed
  • Remove device clutter

Privacy Cleaner

Protect your device’s privacy

Keep your private information safe and secure. Wipe all the traces of your online activities; such as recently visited websites, downloaded files, auto-complete forms, address bar, cache, cookies etc. Also clear offline traces such as temp files, search history, recycle bin files, run history etc.

Memory Optimizer

Free up memory space on your device

Frees up device memory taken up by unnecessary background applications and get more memory for active applications.

Duplicate Finder

Get rid of duplicates

Eliminate device storage clutter by removing duplicate files, folders and even duplicate contacts from your devices.

Free Space Wiper

Sanitize device free space

Permanently erase free space having traces of deleted files & folders. Make use of advanced shredding patterns to ensure that the data cannot be recovered back (Available on Windows & Mac).

Registry Cleaner

Optimize Windows registry

Clean up empty and unwanted registry entries that are affecting device’s performance. Also defrag registry to align all the registry entries to increase system speed.

Whatsapp Cleaner

Clean Whatsapp junk

Clear junk files such as pictures, videos, audio present on your Whatsapp application that is no longer of any interest. Clear your phones media gallery by individually selecting and deleting unwanted files (Available on Android).

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