Repair MOV File that Stops Video and Sound

Fix MOV File which stops video and sound while playing in any of the media player by using Remo Repair MOV tool. Corrupted and broken MOV as well as MP4 file will be fixed without causing any damage to the original MOV/MP4 file in few clicks.

Situations that often leaves you in trouble include MOV file corruption due to which it stops video and sound all of sudden. Usually, MOV file gets corrupt when you try to change its file extension to some other format by using improper method. Similarly, there are many other scenarios which leads to MOV file corruption and renders a file which stops video and sound without any warning message or notification.

What should be done in such situation? Is there any way to come out of this worrisome situation? Yes, there is! Just, you need to fix that MOV video using Remo Repair MOV software. It fixes MOV file in few clicks and renders healthy payable file.

Remo Repair MOV- Solution to Fix MOV File...

Easy to use Remo Repair MOV provides step by step guidelines to fix MOV file which stops video and sound. While repairing MOV file, it separates the video and audio frames from corrupted MOV file. And then fixes errors in them. After fixing issues, it joins both audio and video frames together to create a healthy playable MOV file. Hence, the tool never affects the original corrupted MOV files during the repair process.

Note - In case, the video is of AVI format and want to fix corrupted AVI file, then make use of Remo Repair AVI tool. Click on the given link for more details.

How to Repair MOV Video?

  • Download Remo Repair MOV software and install it on your system
  • Launch the software and select Healthy File option from the main screen to provide a healthy MOV file as a reference
  • Then, press Corrupted File option to browse MOV file which you want to repair
  • Next, click on Repair to start the repairing process
  • After the MOV file is repaired, select location to save repaired file
  • Now, click on Save button to save repaired file on a destination of your choice

Note!!! Select Healthy file which iss of same format and codec as that of the corrupt file.

More About Remo Repair MOV Software:

Remo Repair MOV, even helps to fix MP4 video file. You can use this utility for MOV video repair as well as MP4 file that is inaccessible, broken or unplayable on any media players. Moreover, it repairs MOV video recorded on camcorders, cameras, smartphone or any other storage devices. Also, the tool comes handy to fix MOV video which is recorded on iPhone or GoPro camera. The tool can also be used to

  • Fix MOV file which is not playing in QuickTime or any other media players
  • Even fixes MOV file audio video synchronization issues
  • Also assist you in repairing QuickTime 2048 Error in an easy ans simple way
  • Repairs MOV video which freezes or hangs while playing

Causes for MOV File Corruption:

  • Usage of unreliable tools to restore deleted MOV videos files
  • Playing MOV file on unsupported media players
  • Media player malfunction
  • Too many bad sectors on the drive containing your MOV video file

No matter to what extent MOV files are corrupted you can use Remo Repair MOV tool to fix the issues and to produce a MOV file which is playable on any compatible media player.

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