Repair MOV File Not Playing on Windows Media Player

Quickly fix your MOV video which won’t play in Window Media Player using Remo MOV Repair tool. The tool fixes MOV video that doesn’t play on any media player, including QuickTime. Even, it repairs MP4 and M4V video files.

MOV video is not playing and showing error message when you tried to play it on Windows media player. Hence, you tried to open that video file in other media players too, but you got the same output. But, to your surprise other MOV video files are playing on Window media player without any glitches. Then, what might have gone wrong?

You may come across these consequences when your MOV file gets damaged. You can even see audio video synchronization problem and sometime, MOV video file freezes in the middle when it gets corrupted. But now, you don't have to worry about corrupted MOV video as Remo software has designed MOV Repair tool which fixes corrupt MOV video files and make them playable like before.

Remo MOV Repair tool- Fix MOV that is not playing on Windows Media Player in few clicks…

Remo MOV Repair tool fixes MOV video that is not playing on Windows media player without modifying the original file. The software initially extracts content from the corrupt MOV file, then separates audio video streams and fixes them simultaneously. Finally joins them together to render a healthy file. It can also be used to fix MOV file that refuses to play on VLC media player, QuickTime or any other media players. The software can even fix MP4 files that is not playing on Windows Media Player, along with MOV video.

Complete Tutorial on Fixing MOV Video not playing on Windows Media Player-

  • Download Remo Repair MOV software and install it on your computer
  • Launch the application and then, provide one healthy MOV video for reference and a corrupt video to be repaired.
  • Now click on "Repair" button.
  • After successful repair, view repaired video by using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save the repaired file

What are the other benefits of using Remo MOV Repair tool?

  • Fixes MOV file created on iPhone, camera or smartphone
  • Supports in repairing large sized corrupt MOV, MP4 video files
  • Repairs audio sync issues on MOV and MP4 videos
  • Helps to fix QuickTime error 2048
  • Fixes MOV file on both Windows and Mac, including their latest version

Causes for MOV Video Corruption -

  • MOV video header corruption due to any reason
  • Windows Media Player crash while video file is being played
  • Using unreliable tools for recovering or converting MOV file format etc.
  • Trying to play MOV videos on incompatible players
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