Software for mp3 recovery from Kingston Digital Ultimate X SD cards

Kingston Digital Ultimate X SD cards are probably the fastest in data transfer. It is packed with numerous security features, but still there’s every possibility of data being lost. Files may be deleted manually or by some third-party tools like anti-virus scanners. Formatting the card or corruption of the card may lead to extreme data loss. Sometimes, the file system may experience some corruption issues. Power surge, abruptly pulling out the card when a transfer is taking place in the background, sudden system shutdown, crash and virus attacks are some of the other causes of mp3 file loss. But the good news is that it is possible to recover mp3 files from SD cards. Use the right tool and everything will be back in its place, Remo Recover tool will complete the job before even you finish crying over the loss.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is specially designed to recover mp3 files from Kingston Digital Ultimate X SD cards. It supports deep scanning to recover files lost or deleted in any condition. It supports recovery from all capacities of these cards, and that too without any loss of information. It has a rich set of features, which made it popular among professionals and regular users.

Top features:

  • Simple and easy to use recovery wizard
  • The tool can easily recover accidentally deleted mp3 files etc
  • It also has the ability to find out lost mp3 files
  • Enables you to retrieve your mp3 files efficiently from formatted or reformatted memory cards
  • The recovered files can be saved to any external device or CD / DVD
  • Enables you to preview the recovered files
  • Facilitates you with “Save Recovery Session” option to save your scanned data, thus avoiding the need to rescan the card again
  • Compatible with all new versions of Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)
  • The recovered files can be compressed and stored in a ZIP archive

Other Features:

  • The software can easily recover accidentally deleted or lost photos, videos and other media files
  • Recovers files from several types of flash memory cards like CF, SD, SDHC, SDXC, XD, MMC cards etc
  • Recover photos and other files from other famous card brands like SanDisk, HP, Transcend, Sony, Lexar etc
  • Advanced algorithms that can even recover digital RAW files supported by various SLRs and DSLRs


If you need to recover deleted files, go through Tutorial 1 below and Tutorial 2 and explains how to recover lost files.

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

How Remo Recover stands out?

There are a lot of reasons that will make you love Remo Recover. This application uses an extremely user-friendly interface, and the process is self descriptive in nature. Anyone can easily use the software, even if he / she have no prior technical knowledge. The “Save Recovery Session” allows the user to save the current scanning process, so that once you get the full version, you don’t have to scan for deleted / lost mp3 files again. This tool is compatible with all new versions of Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion). The recovered data can be sorted on the basis of name, date, size and file type. Preview the restored pictures & if you are satisfied with the results then go for “Buy” option to save the recovered photos.

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Some points to be kept in mind:

  • Stop using the card as soon as you realize that data is missing
  • Never install or save the files to the same drive from where you are recovering them
  • Update your anti-virus definitions regularly so that you don’t encounter any loss due to viruses
  • Try not to use the same card in multiple devices
  • Keep a backup of your data on another device

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Safe and Secure
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