How to Fix SD Card Not Showing Files?

Utilize Remo Recover software to restore SD card files not showing in simple clicks. This SD card recovery tool works with Deep scan algorithms to restore more than 300 file formats such as photos, videos, raw-images, documents, etc. from corrupt, unreadable, unrecognized, and formatted SD card, external hard drive, SSD, USB drive, etc.

Written by John Harris, Updated on April 12, 2023

SD card not showing files on PC, mobile phone, or digital camera is one of the most common memory card errors. During this error, when you connect your SD card to your computer, you can locate it on Windows File Explorer but no data or few files will be displayed. There are multiple instances under which your full SD card might turn out to be empty and sometimes with missing partial files.

In case, if you are looking to recover not showing files from SD card, then you have landed on the right page! Here is a complete guide on how to fix and recover micro/ SD card files not showing along with the reasons.

Reasons For Memory Card Not Showing Files

  • If the SD card is not properly inserted into a PC, mobile phone, or camera, then it will not show photos, videos, and other media files.
  • Files on the SD card are hidden.
  • Memory card is connected to virus-infected devices.
  • Unknowingly deleted files from SD card.
  • SD card is damaged or corrupted.

Fixing SD card not showing files is as simple as fixing SD card not recognized. Whenever you lose files from SD card, it is suggested to stop using it to avoid further data loss. Adding any new data to your SD card not showing files can make your residing files more vulnerable to data loss. And it is also recommended to only make use of the reliable methods provided below to fix the issue.

Fix SD Card Not Showing Files On Windows, Mobile Phone, Or Digital Camera

Properly insert SD card

  • Check if you have properly inserted an SD card in your Windows 10 or phone. In case, if your SD card is dirty or not properly mounted to the device then, it can’t show the files existing on it.
  • Properly plug in the card reader. In case, if you are finding SD card photos on camera or mobile phone but not on the Windows PC, then this could be due to a damaged SD card reader.

Unhide files from SD card

If you have hidden your files on SD card, then the files won’t show up. Follow the steps to unhide missing files from SD card in simple clicks.

  • Connect your SD from which you want to get back missing files to Windows.
  • Open your SD card drive that is empty or not showing files or photos.
  • Click on the View tab and select Hidden items option.
  • unhide files from SD card

Once you complete the above steps, your SD card will show all your hidden files. In case, if you still can’t find files on SD card, then this could due to other reasons, which can be solved using the below methods.

Fix SD card corruption

If your SD card is corrupt or damaged, then it won’t show up files even though it is full. In order to make your SD files visible, fix your SD card first using the below steps.

  • Type cmd on your Windows search box.
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
  • Now, type chkdsk m: /f and hit Enter.
  • Replace m with your SD card drive letter.
  • Once the command prompt completes, all your photos or files on the SD card will be shown to you.

Soon after you perform the above command prompt method, it will fix minor SD card issues to make your missing SD card files accessible. In case, if your memory card still doesn’t show files, then this is could be either due to severe SD card corruption or deletion of files from the SD card.

Recover deleted or missing files using Remo Recover tool

SD card not showing files such as photos, videos, documents, etc. can be due to various reasons. But the most reliable way of restoring cannot find SD card files is by making use of the Remo Recover tool.

Remo Recover is designed with a user-friendly interface to thoroughly scan and locate more than 300 file formats deleted or missing such as photos, raw-images, videos, and other media files. This recovered data from the SD card can be sorted with filters like, “All Data”, “Images”, “Videos”, “Documents”, etc.

To Recover SD card not showing files on Computer/ Camera/ Phone

Step 1: Download and Install the Remo Recover tool.

Step 2: Connect your SD card to your PC.

Step 3: Launch the Remo Recover tool and select your SD card to recover your files.

click on can't find drive

Note: If you are unable to find your drive then you can navigate to the Can’t find the drive option.

Step 4: Click on the Scan button to initiate the scanning process.

wait for quick scan

Step 5: During the Quick scanning, you can click on Dynamic Recovery View to have a look at the recovered.

Step 6: Click on the Advanced Filter option to sort files based on various file types and file status.

sd card data will be listed

Step 7: When the scanning is done you can Preview your recovered partition data.

click on preview

Step 8: Once you are convinced with the recovery process you can Save the recovered data by clicking on the Recover option.

save recovered files

Note: You can also recover videos from corrupted SD card you can refer the article.


Remo Photo Recovery tool (Windows/ Mac) easily supports all the latest versions of the operating system including Windows 10 and macOS Big Sur. This tool is not only specialized in recovering memory card files not showing on PC, disappeared photos from camera SD card, or mobile phone but it is also renowned in recovering data from corrupted, formatted, unrecognized memory card of any brand such as SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, Toshiba, PNY, Transcend, Samsung, and many more in just a few simple steps.

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