Remo More Offers Free Device Management, Optimization Across Platforms

By Michelle Maisto, eWEEK (Jan. 7, 2014)

Remo Software's newest cloud-based app, More, offers a way to control and optimize multiple devices, regardless of platform, from a single device.

Remo Software has introduced More, a free cloud-based app that addresses the growing number of devices in consumers' lives. The More app allows users to control and optimize multiple devices, regardless of operating system or form factor—your iPhone, PC, Android-running tablet, you get it—from a single source.

More than a reshuffle of the Remo name, More stands for manage, optimize, recover and enhance, which lightly summarizes all the app can do. It can defrag devices, so they run more quickly; maximize storage across them; manage power use; offer cloud-based backup; recover deleted or corrupt backup files in more than 200 file formats; and even clean system registries, junk files and other unwanted data to improve security and performance, among a long list of other things.

In a statement, the company narrowed down the app's user base to businesses handling technical support internally, individuals managing their own devices and tech-inclined family members willing to help out the less technically inclined.

"My mother isn't technology savvy," Remo CEO Omer Faiyaz told eWEEK. "I can control and optimize her iPhone for her, and at the same time I can take control of my daughter's phone and manage what she can and can't do on her phone. All remotely and cross-platform."

Faiyaz says that because the More user interface looks and behaves the same, whether it's being used on a desktop PC or a tablet, there's no learning curve. 

"There's an app you can download to an Android phone or PC, and then you just log on to the Website and do it," Faiyaz said. "The usability expands to small or medium businesses as well—say you have 10 to 12 employees, and you want to manage their devices."

In addition to devices, the app is available on removable media such as USB and SD cards. 

In the future, the company will likely offer a more enterprise-geared, or at least more feature-rich, version.

"Right now, the app is free. Down the line we'll make it more feature-rich and charge something like $29 a month for up to some number of devices," said Faiyaz. "It's a very family kind of solution right now. I'm a very family kind of guy," he added, with a laugh.

More will be available for download Jan. 7 from the Apple App Store, Google Play and other major app download sites.

Remo's last software offering was Privacy Cleaner. The free version (a Pro Edition does a few more things) cleans devices in a variety of ways, from erasing browser activity and cookies to deleting junk mail, passwords and download histories and even permanently erasing deleted files and folders. It's available for OS X, Windows and Android.

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