Remo ups ante on home device management with Avast integration

By Maria Deutscher, Silicon ANGLE (Mar. 7, 2014)

The explosion of smartphones and tablets sweeping through the enterprise mirrors the growing number of connected devices in the average household, where the same problems facing CIOs today are beginning to crop up, albeit on a smaller scale. In a world of multiple platforms, ensuring consistent data access and privacy is more difficult than ever.

Enter Remo Software, an Indian cloud firm that is bringing enterprise mobility management (EMM) functionality to the consumer space with a free service that promises to make it easier for everyday users to administrate their home networks. The app is platform-independant, with support for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices as well as removable media, and provides centralized control through a web-based interface that includes a broad feature set encompassing everything from performance tuning to power optimization and security.

Remo announced today that it has entered a partnership with Dutch antivirus powerhouse Avast to round out the package, and bundle its service with the latter’s freemium anti-malware software. Omer Faiyaz, the founder and CEO of Remo, hailed the integration as an important strategic milestone for his firm.

“The partnership with Avast will ensure Remo MORE users are protected on the cloud level too,” says Faiyaz. “Since Avast provides local device security, the encrypted information sent to Remo MORE secured cloud servers comes clean and any malwares, intrusions or attacks are blocked not only at device level but even on a cloud level too, this partnership strengthens our SECURED promise to the consumers at all levels.”

The Windows version of Remo’s platform is already available with Avast-powered capabilities, namely threat detection and a do-not-track capability that offers protection against intrusive browser and social media ads. The new features are set to arrive to Android later this year.

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