Nikon Photo Recovery: Recover Deleted or Lost Nikon Camera Photos

Updated on March 15, 2022

Did you delete or lost photos from the Nikon camera? In this article, we will discuss how to recover deleted or lost photos from the Nikon camera. However, for the quick photo recovery on the Nikon camera it is recommended to make use of Remo Recover. Apart from NEF file recovery, it also supports other photo formats like JPEG, PNG, CR2, RAF and many more.

I have a few corrupted NEF images that I'd like to try to recover from a recent vacation. These are not just 'lost' files but actually corrupted. My Nikon camera and computer see them as seemingly randomly colored lines across the image. How do I get my photos back on my Nikon camera?

Nikon has firmly established itself as one of the world's most popular brands due to its compact digital cameras and current DSLR models, such as the D3-series, D2-series, D700, D300(S), COOLPIX, and many more. It is becoming increasingly popular, and many individuals are becoming users. Nikon, like many other digital cameras, is vulnerable to photo loss due to unforeseen circumstances. Before heading to the recovery process let us understand a few reasons for data loss in Nikon Camera.

Common Reasons Behind Photo Deletion in Nikon DSLR

There are several reasons why you may lose your Nikon photos are mentioned below.

  • Inadvertent deletion.
  • Accidentally formatted the Nikon camera’s SD card.
  • Interruptions while transferring the photos might result in photo loss.
  • Virus attack would result in corruption of the SD card.

Luckily, you can recover deleted or lost photos from SD card of Nikon camera with help of the Nikon file recovery tool. Compiled with all the instructions this article will guide you on how to recover deleted or lost photos from Nikon digital cameras.

Can I recover deleted photos from my Nikon camera?

Yes, you can recover deleted NEF (Nikon Electronic Format), JPEG, etc photo formats from the Nikon camera. The reason being, any deletion operation will mark the occupied space of the file as free. But the file content i.e, the photos remains intact inside the memory card. However, you would not be able to retrieve your photos once it is overwritten by new data.

Hence, it is advised not to use the camera to limit your chances of recovering files from the Nikon camera. One of the safest and easiest ways to recover lost photos and videos from a digital camera is by using a photo recovery tool. The sooner you make an attempt to do the recovery using reliable data recovery software, the higher are the chances of you getting all your images back. The more you delay, there are chances that space will be overwritten with new data depending on the size of the camera SD card.

Nikon's NEF File Recovery Made Easy using Remo Recover

Accidental file deletion happens quite often as Nikon camera or DSLR users like to shoot the images in RAW format. This is because it allows you to capture many colors and the photos are of higher color range and depth. As a result, raw images are of large size and need to be backed up in a hard drive. This generally results in accidental deletion or formatting.

There are two ways using which you will be able to recover your photos from a Nikon Camera.

  • Through the camera photos backup if you have maintained one
  • Or by using a competent and reliable photo recovery software

Whether you have lost the photos and videos due to accidental deletion, SD card formatting, or memory card errors after plugging in or plugging off from the computer you will be able to restore the deleted data from SD card as long as you are using a reliable photo recovery software. If you are not having an updated Nikon camera backup, using a photo recovery tool is the only way out. With the aid of a credible tool like Remo Photo Recovery software, you can regain access to all the deleted photos shot on your Nikon camera.

Integrated with the powerful deep scan engine, the tool goes through the storage sector by sector to retrieve all your lost photos. The unique Preview feature of the tool, allows the user to have a look at all your photos after the recovery. Download the free software now and follow the instructions mentioned below.

NOTE: The solution that is discussed in the next segment will work out for all the latest and older models of Nikon DSLRs, digicams, and camcorders including D3100, D3200, D3400, D5100, D7500, D7000, Coolpix B500, Z76, etc. Supports Nikon Coolpix like P900, P700, P520, P500, P330, P310, P100, etc.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Nikon Camera?

After installing the Remo Photo recovery software on your computer, connect the SD card to your computer via USB port and launch the application.

  • On the main screen select Recover Photos.
  • Next, select the SD card from the list of drives and click on Scan to initiate the Nikon photo recovery process.
  • Start Nikon photo recovery process

  • After the completion of the scanning, the data will be presented in File Type View and Data View.
  • Double-click on the recovered Nikon photos to Preview and validate them.
  • preview the recovered nikon photos

  • Once you are satisfied with the image hit the Save button and browse for a location to save the recovered photos


Despite all safety measures the photos can get deleted or lost due to unforeseen circumstances. The best remedy is to take regular backup of the SD card. Also, make sure that the camera is completely charged before using it. However, if you have photos vanished from the Nikon camera always use trusted photo recovery software to recover lost photos from SD cards.

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