Retrieve Data from NTFS after Format

Data lost due to formatting of NTFS partition is not lost permanently!!! NTFS data recovery after format is still possible that too in just few clicks using Remo Recover Software.

NTFS file system is widely preferred due to its high reliability, support for Meta data, utilizing disk space properly, to name a few. Yet all these features do not make NTFS file system totally free from corruption and data loss issues. There are instances which corrupt NTFS partitions and when this happens, the files stored in it cannot be accessed. So the partition has to be formatted in order to make it functional, which means file system is installed hence wiping out data from previous NTFS file system.

But do not be of the opinion that after formatting NTFS partition data is lost permanently. Data is still present on hard disk and can be recovered until new files are overwritten that space. By making use of Remo Partition Recovery software, files can still be retrieved from formatted NTFS partition within few minutes. But just make sure that you should avoid storing new files in formatted NTFS partition because such actions can reduce the chances of NTFS data recovery after format.

Restore Files from Formatted NTFS Partition using Remo Recover:

Remo Partition Recovery software is designed to recover data from formatted NTFS partition in a hassle-free manner. It does not modify or damage files during the recovery process. This Hard Drive Recovery tool restores data from formatted partitions even after Windows has been re-installed. Files from deleted, corrupted, reformatted NTFS or NTFS5 partitions can be retrieved effectively. It also recovers compressed data from formatted NTFS drive.

Apart from NTFS, the application retrieve files from exFAT, FAT32 partitions in a secure way. Remo Recover software also enables you to retrieve data from formatted or reformatted storage devices like external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc. in just few steps. Additionally, it is also capable of recovering files from NTFS drive with Alternate Data Streams (ADS) attribute.

Reasons / Scenarios behind Formatting NTFS Partition:

  • Formatting NTFS when you get an error message stating “Drive not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” results in the drive getting formatted leading to loss of data
  • File system corruption makes NTFS drive inaccessible forcing you to format it
  • Accidentally formatting the drive which has NTFS file system

Procedure to Restore NTFS Data after Format using Remo Recover:

  • Download and install the software on your PC or laptop
  • Run the application and select Recover Partitions option from the main screen
  • Select the drive that is formatted and click on Scan to initiate the scanning process
  • The recovered data will be listed in Data View or File Type View after scanning is completed
  • Preview the files, select required ones and save them on a preferred destination

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