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NTFS is a New Technology File Systems developed by Microsoft specially designed for its Windows NT operating systems. Nowadays it’s been used even in Windows server 2000, Windows XP and above versions. If the partition is installed with NTFS file system, it is referred as NTFS partition. NTFS is known for its data protection and increased performance. NTFS when compared to other file systems like FAT16 and FAT32 provides better security, reliability and supports client-server based systems. Above all these advantages, data loss is still alive in these NTFS partitions. Even though, it offers improved data security, there are chances of losing your data. It can happen due to many unknown and inevitable situations and sometimes your NTFS partition may go missing or get deleted. Scared? No, don’t worry; there is no need to get scared as you have Remo Recover Pro Edition which can easily perform NTFS partition recovery within minutes.

Common data loss scenarios:

NTFS partition keeps track of all the files and directories of the drive in a file referred as MFT (Master file Table). It contains the file name, a list of the file attributes and pointers to the fragments of the file. In any case, if this MFT gets corrupt your NTFS partition data becomes inaccessible as its pointers are lost. Master Boot record (MBR) that contains the Partition details may get corrupt, due to which your NTFS partition may go missing i.e. becomes inaccessible and hence you data will be lost.

Sometimes, when you boot your system you may encounter an error saying “Missing Operating System”; this is because your partition table entry is damaged. It can happen due to overheating of the hard drive, abnormal system shut down or presence of bad sectors etc. This result in loss data from your NTFS partitions. The worst situation is when the disaster happens due to your mistake. You accidentally delete your NTFS partition using some disk utilities instead of deleting some other partition. Or you may format your NTFS partition without taking the data backup etc. In all these cases your data will be lost.

Features and abilities of Remo Recover Pro Edition:

All these are the common scenarios, where you might lose your data. In such you can make use of Remo Recover Pro Edition and can restore your NTFS partition data. Even in case you are not aware of the reason or might have lost in some other scenarios (which is not mentioned above), there is no need to worry. Reasons don’t matter at all, as this Hard Disk Recovery software operates irrespective of the reasons behind their loss. Some of the key features are described below, have a quick look on them.

  • It can extract data from NTFS partitions of the crashed or non-booting hard drives
  • Comes with in-built smart scan function that can scan the complete drive in depth to obtain entire lost data
  • Even supports file recovery of data from SCSI / IDE / SATA hard drives, external hard drives, iPods, memory cards and many other storage devices
  • It also helps to restore lost FAT32 partition, exFAT partition, and othe partition data with ease
  • Tool has potential to rescue data from the NTFS partitions that are deleted from Recycle bin, emptied Recycle Bin or even after formatting the partition
  • It is able to retrieve files that has the ADS (Alternate Data Streams) from the NTFS Drives
  • This product is fully compatible with latest Windows and Mac OS X versions

Due to all these features, Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool can be termed as multi-purpose utility. It is an incomparable tool that is designed with distinctive features like “Save Recover Session” which avoids rescanning of the drive. “Find - Tool”, which facilitates users to locate and identify the files based on the date of creation, modification, size, type etc. In addition there are options called “Select File Type” that refines the search process, “Show Deleted” to filter only the deleted files and “Compress Files and Folders” to compress the recovered files and save as a zipped file at any location of your choice. Even if you are using the touch-enabled devices, there is nothing to worry since this program is designed to support even the touch-enabled devices.

Tutorial to Restore NTFS Partition Data:

  1. Download the Remo Recover Pro Edition software and install it on your system
  2. Once you Run it, you can view the main screen, from which select “Recover Drives”
  3. After that you have to choose “Partition Recovery” option. Now select the drive from which data needs to be recovered and press on “Next” to initiate the scanning process
  4. Once done, list of found partitions will be displayed, choose the appropriate among them
  5. In case you need a particular file, opt for “Select File Type” option perform the signature based search else skip the step and proceed with normal scanning
  6. Use “Preview” option to view your files and judge the chances of recovery. Finally save the recovered files.

For more detailled description of the recovery process, just take a look of this video tutorial:

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