NTFS Partition Recovery after MFT Corruption

I was messed up with MFT and MFTMirr of my NTFS Windows 7 drive while installing Windows 8. I guess I was messed up while re-partitioning the drive or something of that sort. I don’t have any idea how what had happened .I am able to boot Windows 8 but booting Windows 7 just fails. I had stored all my important files on this NTFS drive, I don’t want to lose any of them. Does anyone know how to fix MFT? If it cannot be done does anyone know a good way to recover my files from NTFS partition of my Windows 7 drive?

Yes, you can still recover your NTFS partition data even when your MFT is corrupt. Actually, MFT (Master File Table) is an integrated component of NTFS file system. This MFT stores all your files, directories and metafile data like file name, creation date, access permissions and size of the file etc. Thus, when this MFT gets corrupt your data in the NTFS partition becomes inaccessible or gets lost. In some severe situations the whole NTFS partition itself becomes inaccessible. or goes missing.

However, you still have chances of fixing your MFT using some tools, but should have precaustionary measures. Moreover, MFT is very much complicated and to fix the it you need to have technical proficiency and complete knowledge of fixing the MFT. Else, with one simple mistake your entire parition including the others will all get corrupt causing huge data loss. Hence, before fixing the MFT recover your data completely from the NTFS partition, with the help of Remo Recover Hard Drive software.

What is the way out to recover NTFS Partition data?

Don’t worry, its just a few simple step procedure and your data will be back. Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a perfect utility that lets you perform NTFS partition recover after MFT corruption easily and with utmost ease. The tool is equipped with robust algorithms that can even recover missing partition on Windows 7 with all its data in tact without causing any damage to your data. It scans your entire drive, locates all the partitions securely and then extracts your data from the selected NTFS drive that might be corrupt or is missing due to MFT corruption. With this your entire data is back in just a couple of minutes.

  • Capable of recovering all your data from the NTFS partition after MFT corruption
  • Easily restores all types of data like text files, documents, music files, videos, pictures and many other 300 + types and formats of files from NTFS partition
  • Has the capability to identify all types of files even after recovery with the aid of the unique file signature
  • Recovers all your data even from FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS 5, HFS + / HFS X partitions

Other situations wherein Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) helps you

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a perfect data recovery software for Windows or Mac machines that helps you in recovering your complete data lost due to MFT corruption. However, Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) even comes in handy to get your entire data back from the NTFS partitions that is lost in any other situation like formatting, reformatting, partitioning etc. Below are some of the other instances that leads to data loss...

  • NTFS File system is corrupt
  • Hard drive contains bad sectors
  • NTFS partition is deleted or has become inaccessible
  • Formatted the NTFS drive without data backup
  • Improperly partitioned / repartitioned the hard drive

Under all these circumstances, you will lose your data from the NTFS drives. However, Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software restores back your complete data irrespective of the reason behind the loss of data. Moreover, the tool is designed in such a way that it can even regain data from partition having bad sectors in just few minutes.

Additional traits of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • Easy and Quick recovery of all your files from the NTFS partitions
  • Provides free preview of all recovered data with its trial version
  • Offers 24 / 7 free and online technical support
  • Digitally signed and hence free from all threat

Video below Guides you through out the recovery process

Why Choose Remo?