How to Retrieve Microsoft Office Files

Instantly recover deleted/lost Office files from your Windows or Mac OS using Remo Recover. It also supports different files like Word files, Excel Sheets, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access etc.

It is very annoying when you realize that you have deleted some of your important Office files or not saved the changes made due to which hours of hard work wasted. Have you ever come across situation like this, then here is helpful tip to overcome such scenarios which I did and succeeded. Let me explain you in detail about Microsoft Office documents and scenarios for loss/deletion and how to recover it back.

To begin with, Microsoft Office Suite is popular desktop software which provides set of applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook etc. on all latest versions of Windows and Mac systems. These applications are helpful and used for maintaining reports, creating resumes, sending emails, preparing presentations and many more in business organizations, IT sectors, educational institutes etc.

Coming to the point where in one of the Office files were deleted from your Windows PC, take for example, you were preparing large Excel sheet to maintain work report in single file. For which, you had opened many excel sheets for extracting data from old excel sheet and pasting it on new one. During this process, you were simultaneously deleting the files from which already data was taken permanently using shift + delete key. Likewise, you deleted the Excel sheet that was required for editing the work report. Since, files were deleted using shift + delete keys you will not be able to restore it from Recycle Bin.

In such instances, you can take assistance of Remo Recover software using which you can easily restore your deleted Excel sheet in less amount of time. The application will efficiently scan your entire drive and restore back any Office files without any hindrances.

Various reasons for losing or deleting Microsoft Office Files

  • Unintentional Deletion - Deleting important Office files instead of unwanted ones or clicking on delete option while transferring it from one device to another
  • Interruptions during file transfer - Interruptions like abrupt removal of external hard drive, force system shut down, power outages etc. occurs while exchanging Office file from one system to other external storage device leads to data loss
  • Formatting - Sometimes, you might format the drive comprising Office files instead of other logical drive or formatting the drive without having backup

Apart from above mentioned reasons, emptying Recycle Bin without viewing its contents, corrupt hard drive, file system corruption, bad sectors, external threats, unreliable third party applications and so on are other reasons for losing and deleted files.

File recovery software by Remo…!!!

Remo Recover software will scan entire drive in few minutes using its built in scanning algorithms for quick retrieval of deleted/lost Office files. When an Office file is saved on the hard drive, your computer assigns address to that file. If you delete the file, the file remains at the same place but the files address location is deleted. Remo Recover software can identify such files and efficiently retrieve data from them. This tool allows you to retrieve various Office files like Word files, PowerPoint presentations, excel sheets, Outlook data, etc. from different storage devices such as pen drives, external hard drives, USB drives, hard drives, etc. You can even store the retrieved files to any of your desired storage devices like DVD’s, CD’s etc.

Method to recover Office document using Remo

Download and install the tool on your system. Run the tool and click on Recover Files tab. Then select either Recover Deleted Files tab or Recover Lost Files option according to the data loss scenario. Select the drive from where your office files were lost and click on Next to start the scanning process. Once the scanning process finishes, the software will show a list of Office files. Choose the files you want to recover from the list.

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