Optimize PC Performance

Is your system running slowly? Do not you know how optimize PC to increase its performance? If so then no needs to worry, just go through this descriptive page that really help to optimize PC performances in simple steps. Here are below mentioned steps just you go through them and apply the same in your system.  

  • Run performance troubleshooter: This can automatically detects and fixes problems that might slow down your system performance, such as whether multiple applications are running at the same and how many users are logged into system.  In order to run performance troubleshooter-> Go to start button and click on Control Panel. Next, look for troubleshooter option and under system and security, click on performance issues.  
  • Delete programs you never user: Initially when you buy laptop or system from third party persons, they install all trail and full version software in which few them are not needed currently but thinking they may be needed in future. Days goes on you never used those applications and which are simply utilizing system resource and reduces your performances too. Hence, uninstall those applications from your system that you do not use them at all.
  • Reduce number programs running at startup: System manufacturer are designed in such a way that when you start system, most of the application starts automatically and often set those programs to run at background. In addition, these keep running at background consuming system resources that cause your system to run slowly. Hence, limit the applications run at startup.
  • Defragment you hard disk: Fragmentation of hard disk memory makes your system to run slowly. Hence, often defragment your hard disk that rearranges fragmented data so your hard disk can work more efficiently.  In order to carry out this action make use of disk utility that is available in system only.
  • Run fewer programs at the same time: Try to avoid running more programs at a time because system resources are distributed equally to all programs due to which you need to wait until you find more resources to run efficiently. In addition, do not run two antivirus applications in a same system that affects your system to run very slowly.

Apart from above mentioned tips and tricks you need to perform other things too, such as turn off visual effects, restart PC regularly, add more ram memory, check for viruses and spyware, etc. By following all the above-mentioned instructions that really assist in fixing problems as well optimizes system’s performances too. However, you need to follow all these instructions often and this process takes lots to time. There are few users they do not find enough time do it and some other unable to follow due to lack of knowledge. In this course of actions, it is better to use third party application such as Remo MORE, which is freeware application that can efficiently fix all problems in your system, meanwhile optimizes performances. This application comes more user friendly in nature and provides detailed guidelines in screen that helps all kinds of users to carry out this process in simple steps.

Tips to follow

  • Disconnect any drivers which are not correctly installed.
  • Switch off the internet connection in system when you are not using
  • Exit Instant Messengers when you are not using
  • Fix registry errors

Steps to optimize up your PC:

  1. Download and install the Remo MORE freeware software on your PC.
  2. After launching this application, it initializes scanning the PC for detecting issues as given in Image 1.
  3. In next step software gives a detailed list of errors that need to be fixed as given in Image 2.
  4. Finally, click on Fix Issues option to solve all the errors and to make your PC run faster as given in Image 3.
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Safe and Secure
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