How to Optimize Windows 8 Performance?

Windows 8 is a recent operating system which is introduced by Microsoft after Windows 7 operating system, no doubt that Windows 8 is equipped with much advanced features compared to its superseded Windows 7 operating system. It supports touch screen input, fast startup, hybrid boot mode, create live USB (i.e. bootable USB device which can be used like CD). When the computer is installed with new Windows 8 it will be fast but when the time passes the speed of the computer goes on reducing. However you can optimize the Windows 8 computer by opting some manual means, and some of common reasons for Windows 8 going slow are as mentioned below.

  • When the temporary files grows up then it consumes essential space of your hard drive, thus this consumption of the space can degrade the system performance. However these files can be removed by making use of some third party tool or by manual means. Frequent cleanup of these temporary files can enhance the performance of the computer
  • Whenever a program is installed on the computer make sure that it is not startup enabled, and also check the startup programs which are enabled and remove the unwanted programs which are consuming your hard drive space while Windows gets startup. Ensure that you don’t remove the system related program because this can in turn damage the operating system
  • Perform defragmentation of the partition or the hard drive, scan your computer with an updated anti-virus computer so that your computer can be clean from virus infection, uninstall unwanted programs, upgrade hardware (such as RAM, hard disk, processor etc.)

These are some of the methods by which you can enhance the performance of your Windows computer but at times there may be some other root cause which can take lot of time for a user to find and resolve it. How about using a single software which can easily handle all the issue in only few clicks, thus this can be possible by making use of Remo Optimizer. This software can come in handy for a user who is new to computer world.

Exciting features of Remo Optimizer

  • By making use of Remo Optimizer you can effectively optimize all the issues related to performance degradation within minutes
  • Provides you with simple graphical user interface using which you can efficiently complete your task, this interface is also helpful for a non-technical user
  • You can schedule the optimization activity so that you can keep your computer performance to be always high
  • Preferred by most of the user as it is non-destructive in nature, virus free and consumes very less space for getting installed

Useful info:

  • Keep your Windows up to date by installing the updates because the updates contains the latest bug fixes
  • Do not lend your computer to the users who don’t have much knowledge on using the computer
  • Avoid installing untrusted program on to your computer because at times these software can be malicious programs which can damage the Windows registry

Guidelines to use Remo Optimizer

  • Install the Remo Optimizer on your computer by downloading the application from a trusted source. Launch the program it will start scanning your computer figure 1
  • Once scanning process gets completed, you can see list of issues. from that list, you can choose the issues which you want repair and click on Fix Issues. figure 2
  • Remo Optimizer will begin the fixing process and after completing will display confirmation message figure 3.
  • Then go to Fast Startup option, it will display a list of applications avaiable on your computer. You can select the applications which you want to remove and click on Remove from Startup option figure 4.
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