Remo Software

Frequently Asked Questions – Order Related

What are the accepted modes of payments?

There are several methods to purchase Remo software products for example, by using Credit card, PayPal, by check or through Bank / Wire transfer. You can check all the available payment options during checkout.

Will I receive a software CD/DVD after my order?

Yes, you can opt for a disk/CD while placing the order by selecting the option “Add a Backup CD”. If you have not requested for disk/CD while placing the order, you will not be eligible to receive disk/CD after purchase.

What is status of my order?

To view your order status, use the links given below:

If you have purchased through regNow click on the link:

If you have purchased through ClickBank click on the link:

If you have purchased through RevenueWire click on the link

I've finished downloading the software using the downloaded installer, where do I find the downloaded application to activate?

For Windows users:
If you are using IE (Internet Explorer) or Mozilla Firefox browser, before starting the download process, a "Save As" window pops up, which gives you the option to save the file. This will show you the exact location where your downloaded application is saved on your computer.

If you are using Google Chrome, the downloaded files will be saved to a location which is pre-defined in Google Chrome. The download location can be set from Options -> Under the Hood -> Downloads -> Download location

By default the downloaded application will be saved to the “Downloads” folder in root of the drive where Windows is installed.

For Mac OSX users:
If you are using Safari, the downloaded applications can be found in the “Downloads” folder by default and if the location is changed by the user, it can be found from Preferences -> save downloaded files to

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, by default the downloaded applications will be saved to “Downloads” folder under user or you can find the path from Preferences -> save files to

Why I need to "register" the trial version of Remo Software?

You need to register (buy & activate) the trial version in order to make it fully functional, as the trial version comes with limited features of the product that helps you to try and evaluate the capability of the product. If you need to make the software completely functional, you need to register and activate the software.

I am planning to purchase Remo Software, if I am paying through credit card, when my credit card will be charged after the checkout process?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as you place the order or complete the checkout process on any of our payment processing shopping carts. When you will enter your credit card credentials, the details will be sent to your bank for the approval. Once your bank approves the payment the order is processed instantly and your credit card is charged.

Can I order without using a credit card? I would like to pay by check, wire, or PO.

Yes, you can make your payment by check, through Bank / Wire transfer or PO, though some of these may attract an additional processing fee.

Can I change my shipping address or the registered email address after purchasing the software?

No, the shipping address and the registered email address cannot be changed once it has been registered after a successful purchase.

I cannot find the product that I downloaded after purchasing from you. What do I do?

The product that you have downloaded will be found in the “Downloads” folder by default or in the location that is selected by you when saving the downloaded application.

You can search for the product that you have downloaded if you know the file name of the product. You can refer this FAQ question for more details.

I need to download the Remo Software again that I purchased and the download URL from order & receipt email has expired. What do I do?

Kindly contact our support team using our support portal

I have purchased the Extended Download Service, but my download URL is not working. How do I download the software?

Kindly contact RegNow to get a new URL for downloading the software

I am worried about security of my personal information and Credit Card details. Is your shopping-cart secure?

Using our online ordering process, you will be able to purchase Remo Software products in a fastest, easiest and secure manner. If you are using your credit card, then the credit card information is sent through a SSL protected transfer to the credit card processor.

Online ordering and payment processing is managed by our online payment processing partner i.e. regNow, a service offered by Digital River, Inc. (NASTAQ: DRIV), who are highly-respected registration company in the world to process your order. Their system is both fast and secure.

I have just ordered Remo Software product, when will I receive my download link and license key?

If your order is successful, you will receive license key instantly, along with the download instructions and order receipt to the e-mail address provided by you during registration. You must also check your spam folders and add and to your approved / white list if you are using any spam filtering application.

How do I download Remo Software product after purchasing?

As soon as you have purchased the software, you will receive the download link via email. You must also check your spam folders and add and to your approved / white list if you are using any spam filtering application.

I lost my registration information and I need to use the software urgently, how do I get my registration information?

If you have purchased the product from RegNow, you can get back your registration information by entering your email id, the last 5 digits of credit card number or the order id in the order lookup page. You can click on the link given below to go directly to the order lookup page

For all orders, which are not placed through RegNow, please contact our support team through our support portal

Can I use a purchase order to buy Remo Software product?

Yes, you can use a purchase order to buy Remo products. However, this may attract some additional processing fees.

How do I place an order or obtain pricing information for volume licenses?

To place an order or obtain pricing information for volume licenses, you need to contact our Sales Team. Contact our Sales Team via our support portal and use the option to “Submit Ticket”, while submitting a ticket, kindly make sure that you are selecting “Sales Department”.

I have purchased a wrong product, how do I cancel this order to purchase the right product?

Please contact our Sales Team

We are a non-profit organization, how do we get a discount on Remo Software products?

To get a discount for the license, please contact the Sales Team. Contact our Sales Team via our support portal