How to Fix 'Outlook 2016 not Opening in Windows 10'

You may have problems with starting or opening Outlook 2016 after an upgrade on Windows 10. Remo Repair Outlook can easily fix your PST file and have your Outlook 2016 up and running in minutes. It can be used with all versions of Outlook including 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Its just 3 step process- Select - Scan - Save. Get It Now!!

Upgrade to Windows 10 is known to cause certain problems and Outlook 2016 not opening is one of the most reported issues. In this space, let us look at some troubleshooting steps to resolve this problem and resume Outlook normally.

Outlook 2016 not Opening

Solution 1: Make sure Outlook is not in compatibility mode

Compatibility mode is designed to make sure all documents; even the ones created using an older version of Office can be opened with the current version. But this feature, if turned ON, can create certain conflicts with Windows 10. To solve this problem, turn OFF this mode.

To do so, right click on Outlook 2016 application and choose Properties > Compatibility tab and turn OFF ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’ and click Apply. This will turn OFF compatibility mode and now you can restart Outlook 2016 on Windows 2016 to check if it works normally.

Solution 2: Disable Add-ins on Outlook 2016

Add-ins may help improve Outlook 2016 functionalities on Windows 10 but it may also cause certain problems. To disable add-ins, start Outlook in safe mode.

  • Click on Windows + R to open Run and type 'Outlook /safe'
  • If Outlook works without any problems in safe mode, click on File > Options > Add-ins > COM Add-ins > Go
  • Clear any add-ins that are enabled
  • Close Outlook and restart it in normal mode
  • Then enable the add-ins one at a time and repeat the process for each add-in enabled. This will help you identify the add-in causing trouble, so you can disable it.

Solution 3: Fix outlook 2016 not opening issue on Windows 10 with Remo PST Repair Tool

If the above solutions doesn’t help you resolve the issue on Windows 10, there is a possibility that your Outlook 2016 PST file is corrupted. In order to resolve this problem, you can make use of Remo Repair Outlook (PST) which is specialized in PST repair. It is an automated PST repair tool that can repair all kinds of corruption issues in your Outlook 2016 PST files.

The software works on a unique read only fashion to extract data from the corrupt PST file on Windows 10. Then it fixes issues and prepares a new PST by copying all the attribute from corrupt file. This ensures that none of you data goes missing and your original PST file stays intact. Not just that, this tool has the capability to even retrieve your permanenlty deleted Outlook emails, calendars, contacts, journals, notes etc. in quick steps.

Remo Repair PST will take care of automatically finding the PST file to repair, so you don’t have to worry if you are not familiar with PST files or its location (which can be a little hard to locate manually). The entire recovery process just takes few simple steps, and the process is extremely easy as the software interfce is self-explaining.

Steps to Repair Outlook 2016 PST file not opening on Windows 10 using Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

1. Begin the fixing process by downloading and installing Remo Repair Outlook on your system

2. Then double click on the downloaded .exe file to open the application

3. In the main screen, you can either choose the corrupt PST file manually or allow the software to find it automatically

4. Select a scanning option: Select Normal scan (recommended) to repair corruption in PST files. Select Smart Scan if Normal Scan could not repair the PST file.

5. Then click Repair to begin the repair process and once that’s done, preview all recovered items and save the new PST file

What’s more? Why use Remo Repair Outlook?

In addition to being a pro at repairing PST files, the software also has certain advantages such as

  • Usually large PST files are a major problem, but you don’t have to worry about that with Remo Repair. It can work with large PST files without any issues.
  • Can also work with compressed or password protected files
  • Provides Outlook style preview of recovered items
  • Provides the final PST file in Outlook 2003-2016 format for you to import easily
  • Works with all latest versions of Outlook including 2016 and all latest versions of Windows including Windows 10

Note: PST file corruption is sometimes inevitable and can happen at times. However, in such cases, data loss can be avoided easily if you have a backup of the PST file. Hence, it is a good idea to always maintain a regular backup copy.

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